Wui Wui comes from Malaysia and is a communications professional with experiences in the private and nonprofit sectors. She was recently a consultant at a humanitarian and relief organisation, and had also worked in a software company, covering the Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific regions. She has keen interests in how technology shapes society and drives social innovation in developing countries, especially in opening new possibilities for financial inclusion. So, she’s thrilled at the opportunity to learn Kiva’s lending model and work with its partners in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia. Wui Wui studied Systems Design and International Development in post-graduate school, and specialised in English Language Studies in her undergraduate degree.

Fellows Blog Posts by Wui Wui Yu

Apr 17, 2015 KG Kyrgyzstan

As I walk through the lively and crowded central market in Osh city, soaking in the sound and smell, it is hard to believe that just five years ago many parts of this market were destroyed and burnt down during the ethnic conflict in June 2010. Osh city, located in southern Kyrgystan, is the second largest city in the country after Bishkek, the capital. The impact of the 2010 conflict is still visible in several parts of the city today. For example, along Alisher Navoi Street some buildings which were destroyed during the conflict still lay ruined. 

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Mar 19, 2015 KG Kyrgyzstan

As the first microfinance institution in Central Asia to receive a full banking license in November 2012, Bai Tushum Bank has transformed itself from having 400 clients and a US$600,000 portfolio in the year 2000 to more than 28,000 clients and a US$102 million portfolio today. I had the opportunity to chat with Gulnara Shamshieva, chief executive officer (CEO) of Bai Tushum Bank, on how the organization has kept social mission at the heart of its growth in the last 15 years and where it is heading in the next five years. Gulnara Shamshieva has been the CEO of Bai Tushum since April 2001... Continue Reading >>

Feb 16, 2015 KG Kyrgyzstan

It is a delight to meet Munara. She is 60 years old, chatty and bubbly, ever ready to pose for photos and talk about her family and farm. Her personality seems to rub off on her family, both her sons, Tolon and Bakyt, also have warm personalities. They ask many questions about Kiva and the Internet. Her husband, Abakir, is more quiet, but is still very eager to put on his best fur hat to match the beautiful scarf that his wife has put on for the photo below. They live in a small one-bedroom house in a village in Kyrgyzstan. The kitchen is built as a part of the living room. There’s a... Continue Reading >>