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Apr 11, 2010 PH Philippines

For any employee at Alalay sa Kaunlaran (ASKI) field partner, business and community development programs are seen as crucial in offering a holistic approach to serving the people of Luzon province in Northern Philippines. ASKI combines a variety of non-financial services with lending that is enhancing the technical, operational and strategic skills of clients – helping them to achieve financial and personal growth.

This three-pronged method to honing client skills has led to ASKI’s impressive client retention and portfolio quality statistics. From interviews with borrowers in...

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Mar 21, 2010 PH Philippines

By Vishnu Hariharan, KF10 Philippines

When I visit a new country, I am always fascinated to see how the social values differ from my own as a British born Indian. When I found out I would be heading to the Philippines, I was pleased to see that the cultural guides were richly filled with Filipino traits. It made my day when I read another Kiva Fellow’s blog about the most well known Filipino trait – ‘Bahala Na’ which means ’leave it to God’ . Along with Bahala Na, I wanted to share two other common traits that I believe make borrowers from the Philippines...

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Mar 7, 2010 PH Philippines

Vishnu Hariharan, KF10 Philippines

When I read a Kiva Fellows blog, it is a chance for me to switch off from the sparks of self awareness. I teleport across the world for 10 minutes to experience life as another Kiva Fellow – exposing me to the elements shaping the lives of Kiva clients. I would like to expose what I have found to be one of the key elements shaping the lives of ASKI’s clients – El Nino.

El Nino is a seasonal warming of the Pacific Ocean that upsets normal weather patterns and is causing droughts in Northern Philippines. ASKI serves over 4,000 Kiva...

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Feb 8, 2010 PH Philippines

By Vishnu Hariharan, KF10, Philippines

As I sit at a local internet cafe in Cabanatuan city, Philippines (where I am surrounded by five kids all reading out loud from the Kiva Fellows blog site on my computer screen!), I find myself reflecting more on what I hope to learn when I’m in the field.

Back in July when I applied to be a Kiva Fellow, my goals from the program were generally to learn more about microfinance in developing countries and the use of financial tools to enact social change.

From speaking with alumni, Kiva staff and attending training last...

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