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Apr 30, 2010 BI Burundi

This entry is based on an inspiring conversation and inspiring story I heard one day in the office.  It was a helpful reminder for me to think more critically about my own criticisms.

Ladies waited at the bus stop.  It was one of those waits that inevitably reconnects you to the town and people around you.  In Africa people wait in a way westerners would never appreciate – magazine and headphone-free, without no air conditioning but the wind.  Men and ladies in waiting fill the time with conversation and greet old familiar faces.  And during a long wait in a small town,...

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Mar 31, 2010 BI Burundi

This is Kiva’s face.  When you look the photo in the eye, the borrower’s story below smiles back at you.  Freckles of financial data accents the overall visage: a tidy, friendly invitation to the lending community.

Disclaimer: this post is for the planners and the detail lovers.  An up-close look at the nuts and bolts of bringing Kiva borrowers to the world.  Process geeks, by all means continue.  Other concerned investors, let this shed light on the operational costs of your capital.  Everyone else, I’d like to direct your attention for the inspiration of this post:...

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Mar 8, 2010 BI Burundi

Since arriving in Burundi two weeks ago I’ve struggled to find the best way to introduce this country to the Kiva world.  What personality traits offer the best glimpse into the character of a place most people have never heard of?  Can you really glean one’s character from a first impression?  Let’s try.  I hereby invite you to be completely judgmental.

Sunset over Bujumbura

  • Is it important to say, for...
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