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Nov 10, 2007 GT Guatemala

We’re back in the US now, but Nancy and I thought you’d like to see our little book. We were so taken with the wonderful women of Guatemala and their inspiring stories that we compiled the stories and pictures into a little book. It’s only 40 pages, not much of a book, but it does a pretty decent job of capturing what’s really happening with Friendship Bridge and Kiva.

The book is a free pdf download that you can read on your computer (or print out if you want).

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Aug 22, 2007 GT Guatemala

Here’s a little video of a more average women’s group meeting at Friendship Bridge. The women meet, pray, have a little team-building exercise, have some “informal education”, this time about how to vote in the upcoming election, then pay their “cuota”, the monthly payment, and figure out about the next meeting. The informal education is one of the facets of Friendship Bridge that they’re most proud of. They want the credit program to be a path to educational growth. The Friendship Bridge women attend these meetings every 28 days (4 weeks). They...

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Aug 20, 2007 GT Guatemala

Ever wonder what a real women’s group meeting looks like? Here’s a Guatemalan example, a paperwork meeting for Friendship Bridge in Tecpan. This is where they make the all-important and sometimes stressful decision about how big a loan they want to ask for. Everybody has to come and bring their “cedula” or national identification card. There were 30 women in the group last time, and this time they’re adding four new ones. All 34, with various children and other relatives (and the occasional dog) are crammed into a little unfinished room with a dirt floor...

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Aug 11, 2007 GT Guatemala

Magdalena Santos

We put the best pictures of the wonderful señoras we’re meeting up on our Flickr account and wanted to invite you to see them. These women are some of the most amazing and admirable women. And oh, so photogenic. We grow in respect for them daily.

The entire set is here – we invite you to browse it.

You can browse all the women’s stories on Kiva here.

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Aug 5, 2007 GT Guatemala

Hi all – Thought you might want to listen to our podcast explaining what we’re up to here in Guatemala with Friendship Bridge. You can listen to it here or go to our podcast page for other podcasts; you can subscribe if you’d like to.

-Randy and Nancy

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Jul 27, 2007 GT Guatemala

Clara Ajsoc

We’ve met a wide variety of women in the last couple of weeks, from Mayan women who speak no Spanish at all and who try to scrape together a living with some weaving and a pig, to fairly ordinary poor urban women who remind us a little more of home, except that to them $15 is what you have to come up with every month for the kid’s school payment.

Last week Nancy met Clara Ajsoc in the highland village of Santa Clara La Laguna. Clara used her Friendship Bridge loan to buy a calf, which she raised...

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Jul 24, 2007 GT Guatemala

Mother and daughter of a client

As we take photos and write down the stories of clients, they are almost always thrilled to see their picture on the display of our camera. But they often have no picture of themselves or their family, and sometimes come close to begging for one.

Well, we finally figured it out for the first time today. Yes, I know this is not that difficult a challenge, but it was progress for us. When we returned from the village to the nearest town, we found a photo printing place, printed out the...

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Jul 18, 2007 GT Guatemala

Clara in Santa Clara La Laguna

Hello to all of you from Mazatenango, Guatemala. We wanted to introduce ourselves – We’re Randy Fay and Nancy Lewis, and we’ve just started helping to post clients from Friendship Bridge. We’re in the middle of an epic bicycle trek from the north of Canada to the bottom of South America – you’re invited to follow us on our blog at hobobiker.com. But we’re thankful and excited to be able to spend a time here in Guatemala as Kiva Fellows helping to post...

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