Parijat Tanna

Parijat Tanna is currently pursuing a joint degree in MBA/MA in Educational Leadership at Mills College. She hopes to learn more from organizations that have a sustainable business model while creating a bigger impact in communities by empowering those who are underserved. She has worked with young people for over seven years, empowering them to be leaders for their community and has over 4 years of program and curriculum development for non-profit organizations. Parijat is currently interning with Centro Community Partners in Oakland, CA, where she advises underserved local entrepreneurs. She hopes to learn more about consulting and the demands for starting a business. Her passion is educational equality for girls in developing countries and has spent time abroad in India teaching math and English to 7 to 13 year old girls. What she came to realize was that in order for young girls to pursue an education, the community would have to see beyond traditional, gender-bias notions, and foster a learning environment that empowers and encourages these girls to pursue their dreams. She hopes to find ways to help grassroots organizations find sustainable funding sources to help grow their impact.

Fellows Blog Posts by Parijat Tanna

Jul 11, 2013 US United States

Every day friends and family ask me, “What do you do as a Kiva Fellow in the Bay Area?” and every time my answer is slightly different, depending on which day you ask. So I wanted to take the time and share with you what one day is like as a Kiva Fellow in the US. I am currently in California, specifically the Bay Area and have the opportunity to support the local and talented individuals through Kiva Zip.   My days aren’t typical and I don’t have a set office space, mainly because I’m working “remotely” in the field and my office is usually my... Continue Reading >>