Nida Jafri

Nida Jafri was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. After completing her Bachelors in Economics and International Relations from the University of Sussex, England in 2008, she returned home and joined the banking sector where she worked for the product development team for debit cards and mobile banking. It was there that her interest in attempting to reach the unbanked segment developed. After completing two years in the corporate world, she pursued her passion of teaching high school students, Development Studies and Sociology. Her life in the last two months has drastically changed, leaving family behind, getting married and moving to an absolutely new country. Living in the lovely city of San Francisco has been an adventure bringing her the good fortune of coming closer to her goal of working for global economic development, by becoming a Kiva intern first working for 6 months with the Global Partnerships Team and now working for another 6 months with the Review and Translation Team. In these few months she has been on a path of self- discovery taking a fond interest in cooking, baking, salsa lessons, running and playing soccer. 
Job Title: 
Review and Translation Team Intern