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Oct 22, 2009 SL Sierra Leone

By Jenny E. Kim, Sierra Leone

My taxi driver Sharif is a 001– he eats 0 breakfast, 0 lunch, and 1 dinner.  First started by university students in Freetown, classmates used the labeling system to identify those who were able to share meals and those who could not.  The system is a reminder that in Sierra Leone access to basics necessities are limited.  Food, clean water, roads, and electricity are all challenges.  As the local currency continues its downward trajectory, in no other way does the average Sierra Leonean feel the economic pressures more than he does with...

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Sep 24, 2009 SL Sierra Leone

By Jenny Kim, KF8 Sierra Leone

When I told people I was headed to Sierra Leone to work with a local NGO the universal response was “have you thought this through” and “be careful”.  More than 4 years after UN Peacekeeping forces pulled out of Sierra Leone following a brutal and devastating 11 year civil war, people continue to associate Sierra Leone with violence or with the Hollywood blockbuster film Blood Diamonds.  I can’t say I was that much more enlightened when I chose to live and work in Freetown, the capital city.  After grabbing several books, a couple of...

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