Marion Walls

Marion has an innate love of Africa! She was born and raised in Zimbabwe, studied at University of Cape Town, worked in the industrial heartland of South Africa, and has had many hilarious and enviable travel adventures in southern and eastern Africa. So now she is thrilled to be volunteering in Tanzania as a Kiva Fellow on sabbatical from her engineering career in Alberta, Canada. Marion looks forward to combining her background in technology and process optimization with her passion for travel and her social conscience. She's eager to see the power of microfinance and social business in action!

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Feb 24, 2013 TZ Tanzania

Marion Walls | KF19 | Tanzania

I’m on a quest to follow a Kiva loan from lender to borrower! How often have I dreamed of this whilst browsing my loans on a frosty winter weekend in Canada?  Now I have an ideal opportunity to do so as the Kiva Fellow in Tanzania, so I’ll take you along for the ride!

My directions are set when a friend emails from Calgary: “I donated to the Jaguar Group.  They’re asking for a loan in support of their beauty salon. I chose that one in honor of you – I figure you might want a haircut or a color...

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Dec 9, 2012 TZ Tanzania

Marion Walls | KF19 | Tanzania

If you prefer the road less traveled, then I have just the place for you: the Kagera region of Tanzania!

You may not have heard of Kagera – even though it’s exceptionally beautiful, and the people here are especially friendly – as it’s not part of the Tanzanian tourist circuit.  And that’s precisely what makes it ideal for those of us who prefer to explore places off the beaten track!  Kagera is tucked away on the western side of Lake Victoria.  The region is bordered by Uganda to the north, and Rwanda and Burundi to the west...

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