As Kiva's Portfolio Manager for the Middle East, Lev is responsible for growing Kiva's presence in the region while also training both new and existing field partners. Lev focuses on supporting partners in their Kiva operations, ensuring that they get the most out of their relationships with Kiva, while also identifying new partner organizations to be part of the Kiva platform. Prior to joining Kiva, Lev lived in Palestine for three years, where he worked for a youth empowerment organization. This experience helped spark his interest in the region as a whole, and he has since spent his time getting to know as many places as possible throughout the Middle East. Lev loves nothing more than exploring new cities and is currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. After growing up in Berkeley, Lev studied International Politics at Wesleyan University, with a focus on International Relations and Middle Eastern politics.
Job Title: 
Portfolio Manager,( Middle East)