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Dec 8, 2008 ID Indonesia

I first went to Belimbingsari Village for a funeral. The father of two of DINARI Foundation’s staff, Gede Mustika and his sister Yulia, had suffered a stroke and died shortly thereafter. A rented van transported the staff from DINARI’s headquarters, and the mood seemed surprisingly cheerful during the three-hour trip to West Bali. I was reminded of school field trips as people passed around puffed-corn snacks and jokingly reclined their seats into their neighbors’ laps.

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Nov 25, 2008 ID Indonesia

Across from DINARI Foundation’s office, there is a large concrete lot with two long warehouses lining the perimeter. In the middle of the lot, blue tarps covered three mounds that were perhaps fifteen feet in diameter. In the morning, workers removed the tarps, revealing piles of what looked like sand as high as the men’s waists. Two of the men wheeled out mechanized plows and bulldozed the piles, gradually spreading the material across the concrete in messy spirals. A third worker appeared with a bandanna covering his nose and mouth,...

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Nov 9, 2008 ID Indonesia

Kerti Moses and his wife Endang had one of the biggest homes I had seen in almost fifty visits to DINARI Foundation’s clients. The exposed concrete foundation elevated the house above the nearby dwelling of one of the couple’s workers. The entire floor was covered in big ceramic tiles printed like green marble, and the white walls still had a lingering freshness in parts. Inside was a big room with high exposed rafters and smaller bedrooms adjoining it. The main room was empty save for a table in one corner and a TV against the far wall....

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Sep 18, 2008 ID Indonesia

I will now share my knowledge and potentially erroneous information about Bali, Indonesia:

  • My principal mode of transportation, motor bike, will significantly increase my chances of bodily harm and death
  • The start of the rainy season is October, which neatly coincides with my start date
  • Bali has world-class banana pancakes

This is all important because I am going to be volunteering for Kiva’s field partner in Bali, the DINARI Foundation.  I will be doing my best to interview borrowers, help DINARI comply with Kiva’s procedures and...

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