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Dec 5, 2007 KH Cambodia

So…with our MFI (Maxima), we visit a lot of people who make a living by weaving cloth.  With extant samples of hand-woven cloth dating from 5000 BC, weaving must be one of the world’s oldest ways to make money. 


More than two hundred years ago, the Industrial Revolution introduced processes that, to this day, have passed by the villages and the people we visit.  The looms that Maxima’s clients use are hand-made and the technology has not changed for many decades if not longer.  


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Nov 16, 2007 KH Cambodia

Phnom Penh 

(Had a little trouble getting my account activated.  This post is from Oct. 18th.)  We now have two days of field visits under our belts.  The long-awaited quest to gather information has yielded notepad pages full of facts.  There is no question we’re dealing with people holding onto the lower rungs of the economic ladder.  Many loan recipients have no electricity.  If they do, they often can’t afford to use it.  Many get their water either from the Mekong in the dry season or collect rain in the monsoon. ...

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