Kate Talbot

A Bay Area native, Kate received her B.A. in Communications from University of California, San Diego and most recently her MBA from University of San Francisco. She focused her MBA curriculum on Social Entrepreneurship and interned at Social Capital Markets and consulted for Hub Bay Area and Centro Community Partners. Prior to obtaining her MBA, she worked in media and public relations in San Francisco and Manhattan. Her passion for international development stems from spending a significant amount of time volunteering at the Meher Public Trust in the rural village of Ahmednagar, India. In her free time, Kate loves to take dance classes, hike in Marin, and spend time laughing with family and friends.

Kiva Blog Updates

Sep 6, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
September is education month here at Kiva, so when I heard that students from Campolindo High School in Moraga, CA -- my former high school -- have raised over $10,000 to lend to borrowers around the world, I wanted to meet the students who are dedicated to making a global impact. 

Read our interview below with Kiva club leaders Bailey Wu, Jarret Tom, and Newton Kwan, Class of 2014!

Enthusiastic Kiva club members at Campolindo High School.

How did you learn about Kiva?

We learned about Kiva through one... Continue Reading >>
Sep 4, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
We're thrilled to announce our newest Guatemalan Field Partner, ADICLA!

ADICLA (Association for the Holistic Development of the Basin of Lake Atitlán) is a nonprofit rural community development association founded in 1993 by community leaders to help people in the two poorest regions of Guatamala: Sololá and Suchitepequez.

The association aims to holistically develop these communities by facilitating economic, social and environmental opportunities. The end goal is to improve the quality of life in poor regions, often populated by indigenous... Continue Reading >>
Aug 31, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
With the long weekend upon us, we'd like to share some articles that caught our eye -- and should make for good reading during a lazy summer afternoon. We hope you have a great Labor Day and enjoy time with friends and family!

Good: Why Are Women More Interested in Going to College Than Men? More women than men have been going to college since the 1980s. Since 1996, more women have been graduating. Last year, U.S. Census data revealed that women now earn more graduate degrees. And, according to a new report from the National Center...
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Aug 30, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
"Good Morning! This ain't Vietnam/ Still, people lose hands, legs, arms for real/ Little was known of Sierra Leone, and how it connect to the diamonds we own..." 
-- Kanye West, "Diamonds from Sierra Leone"

These lyrics may be part of a popular song, but they paint an all too realistic picture of the deadly blood diamond trade that persists in West Africa. During Sierra Leone's decade-long civil war, rebel forces and warlords funded their actions with billion-...
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Aug 25, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
This week Kiva took a closer look at water and sanitation in urban slums. In developing countries, lack of clean water and proper sanitation is a leading cause of death. In one of the world's largest slums -- Dharavi in Mumbai -- there are over a million people and only one toilet for every 1,440 people. As expected, residents are plagued with cholera, diarrhea, and parasitic worms.

40% of the world's population, 2.6 billion people, lack access to clean sanitation. This leads to 1.7 million deaths each year resulting in a loss of $84...
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Aug 23, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
Sierra Leone's present is defined by its tumultuous past. A decade-long civil war has left 70% of the population living below the poverty line, and many people are still struggling to escape dire circumstances. Fortunately, the microfinance industry has become an integral force to help rebuild Sierra Leone's social, financial, and economic structure.

When looking at the microfinance industry in a particular country, MIX Market is a helpful resource. A listing of the top microfinance institutions around the world, it gives a sense of the scale...
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Aug 20, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
This month's Passport Series focuses on Sierra Leone. We will take a close look at the country this week, with a profile and deep dive into the microfinance sector. Stay tuned this month for more updates and a special lender story.

Located in West Africa, between Guinea and Liberia, Sierra Leone has over 5 million citizens. The country covers a total area of 27,699 square miles and is divided into four geographical regions: the Northern Province, Eastern Province, Southern Province and the Western Area.

Sierra Leone has a diverse and rich... Continue Reading >>
Aug 18, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
The excitement in the air was palpable this week when Kiva launched in India. As a way to celebrate this new initiative, the Kiva community took to the streets and performed a Bhangra flash mob in San Francisco's Union Square.

Now, the global community of lenders have the opportunity to help the 68% of the population living on less than US$2 a day. 

That is a hard statistic to swallow. How can over half the population live on what many of us spend on our morning coffee?

From the Oscar-winning movie Slumdog...
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Aug 16, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
On Indian Independence Day, Kiva made the exciting announcement that we've launched in India! Kiva is now giving the global lending community a simple, ethical channel to support India's most geographically-isolated, underserved and vulnerable groups.

And we thought the best way to let the world know about this new initiative was a Bhangra Flash Mob! 

For the past few weeks, bhangra enthusiasts and the Kiva community have come together to learn dance moves for the event that occurred yesterday in San Francisco's Union...
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Aug 15, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
We're thrilled to announce that Kiva is now working in India!

Starting now, Kiva lenders can make loans as small as $25 to Indian borrowers across sectors. To make this happen, we've worked tirelessly to partner with organizations that are bringing economic opportunity to some of the most remote, vulnerable and excluded populations on the planet. These are loans that will definitely change lives.

An introduction to Kiva in India from President Premal Shah:

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