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Mar 11, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Today at 2:46pm JST, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami hit the north of Japan.  The scale of this tragedy is almost too difficult to comprehend, but what is clear is that countless lives have been lost, and many more have been forever altered.

At Kiva, our mission is connecting people, often strangers from very different parts of the world.   Kiva has many Japanese lenders and supporters. Our hearts go out to them today. As Japan and those around the world affected by this tragedy begin to cope with the destruction and rebuild in the aftermath, we send our most ... Continue Reading >>
Mar 9, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Written by Premal Shah, President Kiva.org and originally posting on The Huffington Post

There are single moments in time that can impact the course of your entire life.  For me, that moment took place when I was five years old, and it centered around the single act of a woman I had never met.

I had returned with my family to the city of my birth: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in western India.  I had been living in suburban Minnesota for four years by that point, and had yet to remember coming across poverty.  ...
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Feb 28, 2011
Written by Premal Shah, President, Kiva

In the last few weeks, we’ve blogged about Cambodia, its thriving microfinance industry, and featured a specific Kiva Field Partner. Last month, I had a chance to actually visit Cambodia. As my colleague Cissy De Luca noted, the trip allowed me to better understand the incredible ecosystem of people and institutions on the ground that Kiva's lenders, staff and volunteers support each day.
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Feb 16, 2011
This is the second installment of this month's Passport Series of Cambodia; check out the Cambodia Country Profile. Kiva has a rich history of providing loans in Cambodia - and thus many, many posts from our Kiva Fellows about the country and their experiences there, check them out here.

Photo Credit: Shirley Fong, KF12

Cambodia is a country of over 14 million people with an average per capita GDP of $2000...
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Feb 1, 2011
This month's Passport Series focuses on Cambodia! We will take a look into the country this week, with a Profile and a deeper look into the Microfinance sector. Stay tuned this month for more updates and a special lender story!

Photo Credit: Edwin Au-Yeung

Cambodia is 181,035 sq km, which makes it just smaller than Oklahoma. It is also... Continue Reading >>
Jan 28, 2011
Every year, January brings us a new beginning, the end of a year and some time to reflect. 2010 was a wonderful year for Kiva. There was tons of exciting new growth: from celebrating our 5th birthday to adding many new field partners, and launching our first student loans on the site! Here are some fun facts from 2010!

- 95,725 loans were posted on Kiva in 2010

- $74,235,600 in loans were posted on Kiva in 2010

(The number of borrowers whose...
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Jan 24, 2011 KV Kiva HQ

Written by: Eric Burdullis, Kiva Fellow in Peru
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Jan 13, 2011
The Passport Series on Peru continues this post, with a look into the Microfinance Sector in Peru. Check out the Peru Country Profile we posted last week.

Peru is home to a thriving and interesting Microfinance sector. The industry began, formally, in the 1970's. Political turmoil and economic crisis were strong in Peru during the 1980 and 1990's. In response, women became more involved in income generating...
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Jan 5, 2011
This month, the Kiva Blog is featuring Peru in our Passport Series! Stay tuned during the month to learn about the country, its microfinance industry, and some of its borrowers.

The Country:

Peru is a luscious country in South America that is known for its beautiful landscapes (including the Amazon), ancient ruins (it's also home to Macchu Picchu), rich culture, and gorgeous textiles - among many other things! Kiva has 7 Peruvian Microfinance Field Partners.

Peru is 1.28 million square kilometers, which might it... Continue Reading >>
Dec 21, 2010
This is the last of our Passport Series for December! This post was written by Kiva Fellow, Amber Barger - the photos were also provided by her.

The first generation of Mongolian entrepreneurs is now entering their country’s transitional economy. They are the first Mongolians to grow up entirely in today’s nascent, market-oriented economy, having only transitioned in 1991. Fifty-nine percent of Mongolia’s three million people are under the age of thirty. This relatively young and growing population is emerging into an economy much... Continue Reading >>