Jonathan Bloom

As the Portfolio Manager for South America, Jon is responsible for managing relationships with existing field partners and growing Kiva’s presence in the region through due diligence on potential partners. Based in San Francisco, Jon started at Kiva as the Portfolio Associate for Central America, supporting partners with their Kiva operations. Before joining Kiva full-time, Jon interned here with both the Community Outreach and Social Performance Teams. His passion for international development began as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama, working in the field of environmental conservation while living on an indigenous reservation. He began his career in microfinance as a graduate intern in Chile while researching his thesis. Jon holds a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish from Sonoma State University and an MSW from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Kiva Blog Updates

Feb 3, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
At Kiva, we value being in tune with the latest news and research about microfinance and poverty alleviation. This Kiva Scholar blog series is designed to share what we've learned with you! In this edition, we take a closer look at mobile banking's potential to change microfinance.

In many microfinance markets around the world, it is becoming increasingly common for clients to have access to mobile banking and other financial services directly on their cell phones. More and more people are able to conduct transactions simply via text...
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Jan 16, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
This month’s Passport Series is all about Tanzania. Tanzania is home to Africa’s highest mountain, some of the world’s most ecologically significant wildlife reserves and its own unique style of hip hop! Follow us throughout the month of January as we learn about Tanzania, its microfinance sector, and the work that Kiva does there.

The Microfinance Sector of Tanzania

The microfinance sector in Tanzania is growing, but remains relatively untapped compared to several of its neighbors in East Africa. Both Kenya and Uganda...
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Jan 5, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
At Kiva, we value being in tune with the news, research, and latest findings of Microfinance and poverty alleviation, so we are making an effort to bring you more of the latest information on these topics!

In this edition of Kiva Scholar we look at what it means to be client-centric in the field of financial inclusion.

Photo Credit: CGAP Microfinance Blog

The Decade of the Client
source: CGAP Microfinance Blog

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Dec 22, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
This month’s Passport Series is all about the Philippines! The Philippines is truly a cultural melting pot, a quality that is reflected in its many languages, vibrant celebrations and its food! Follow us throughout the month of December as we learn about The Philippines as a nation, its microfinance sector, and the work that Kiva does there!

Microfinance Sector in the Philippines

The microfinance sector in the Philippines has grown extensively over the past ten to fifteen years. According...
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Dec 16, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
In celebration of the launch of Kiva’s new Social Performance Badges, we have decided to dedicate Part 3 of Women’s Empowerment to our Field Partners who excel in offering products and services specifically designed to support women. Women’s Empowerment fall under...
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Dec 8, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Part 2 of Women's Empowerment is written by Mary Ellen Iskenderian from Women’s World Banking (WWB). She will be discussing WWB's role in women's empowerment and how WWB relates to microfinance and our borrowers. For more on Ms. Iskenderian and Women's World Banking click on Part 1 of our series: Economic Empowerment.
Here's part 2 of our guest blog post by Mary Ellen Iskenderian:
WWB’s role in supporting women’s empowerment around the world:
Can you imagine if...
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Dec 1, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Women’s World Banking (WWB) provides financial services through a network of 39 high-performing microfinance institutions (MFIs) all committed to serving women. Collectively, they reach more than 26 million low income people, 80% of whom are women. They are committed to helping MFIs move away from providing only loans toward providing a broader array of financial products and services, including savings and insurance, that help the poor build financial safety nets. Their network of financial organizations from 27 countries around the world provides small loans, sometimes as modest...
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Nov 28, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
Every year for the past four years the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Portfolio Team here at Kiva hosts an annual summit with our Field Partners in the region to discuss relevant topics, share successes and concerns, and have a little fun as well. This year the conference was held in San Jose, Costa Rica and included 45 people representing about 20 Field Partners. Representatives from Kiva included: Giovanna Masci, Tim Hassett, Naomi Baer, Cynthia McMurry, Nicolas Lafaye, Lindsey Freedman, and Betsy McCormick. The LAC Kiva Summit took place the Sunday before a major regional...
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Nov 17, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
What good is a business loan if the recipient doesn’t have a solid understanding of how the loan works, how to balance revenues and costs, or how to manage the financial aspects of their life in general? While access to financial services is a critical ingredient to the fight against poverty, understanding how to manage and successfully utilize those services is just as vital. Kiva understands the importance of education, particularly financial education, and we value Field Partners that incorporate this aspect when assisting entrepreneurs. In Part 1 and 2 of Education in our series on... Continue Reading >>
Nov 14, 2011 KV Kiva HQ
This month’s Passport Series is all about the Dominican Republic! This vibrant Caribbean nation offers a rich fusion of European, African and indigenous cultures and boasts hundreds of miles of tropical coastline. Follow us throughout the month of October as we learn about The Dominican Republic as a nation, its microfinance sector, and the work that Kiva does there!

Microfinance Sector in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic microfinance sector is relatively large compared to... Continue Reading >>