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Dec 9, 2010 CR Costa Rica

Having completed my fellowship at EDESA Costa Rica, I’d like to share with you an explanatory video of the MFI and its lending methodology.  Enjoy.

Happy Holidays, warmest wishes, peace, love, and platanos.

John Murphy is a recently retired Kiva Fellow who served at EDESA in San José, Costa Rica.  He has returned stateside and...

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Sep 8, 2010 CR Costa Rica

This past weekend Steven, Gerardo, and I made our way to Talamanca, indigenous territory in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone.  There we met with three up-and-coming ECCs set up with the help of Peace Corps volunteer Chase Adam.

The ECCs have been successfully lending and recollecting money for months , and are hoping to expand with funds from EDESA and Kiva.

We rode, walked, ran, and swam (okay, we didn’t swim) in order to get there, and made it back in time for the work week.  Check out the video below for a recap of the visit.


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Aug 27, 2010 CR Costa Rica



“On the road in Costa Rica…in ten seconds”

And a bonus:

“Sometimes it rains here…in ten seconds”


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Aug 18, 2010 CR Costa Rica

Social Responsibility: The principle that companies should contribute to the welfare of society and not be solely devoted to maximizing profits


EDESA requires every ECC it serves to have a Social Responsibility Program.  This means that the organization must  be making efforts to achieve social, environmental, and financial sustainability.

Last Friday Luiz Jimenez (EDESA executive director), Gerardo Barillas (FINCA coordinator) and I visited ECC Vivero Datraban in Upala, Costa Rica.  The purpose of the visit was to...

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Aug 13, 2010 CR Costa Rica

Around us mountains soared as we left San José at dawn.  Certain that what I had been admiring all week were indeed the rugged ranges of Costa Rica, I snapped a few pics and dozed off.

A few hours later I woke up.  It was now late morning, and getting hot.  My colleague Steven turned to me and said, “Look where we are.”


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Aug 5, 2010 CR Costa Rica

Great things are happening here at EDESA in San José, Costa Rica.  A quick rundown of what EDESA does and how that ties back to Kiva and lenders like you:

EDESA is a microfinance institution in San José, Costa Rica.  It is located in a lovely house-turned-office and staffed by several dedicated and energetic employees.  Kiva is one of EDESA’s several funders.

EDESA lends money to well over 100 Empresas de Credito Communal (ECCs) throughout Costa Rica.  ECCs – Communal Credit Companies in English – are small credit organizations created and run by the very...

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Aug 3, 2010

By the end of our week together at Kiva HQ in the Mission District of San Francisco, it had become clear to everyone what all the Kiva hype is about.  If you are a Kiva fan (which reading this likely indicates), getting an inside look at Kiva HQ would only reaffirm your admiration.

The office environment is open and collaborative.  Ideas flow freely and with great regularity among the people who work there.  CEO Matt Flannery and president Premal Shah pop in for lunch when their schedules allow (or when it’s burrito day) and are accessible to all.  An absence of unnecessary...

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