Jennifer Terry

Jen grew up between a small Appalachian town and Louisville, Kentucky. At 18, she jumped at an opportunity to experience the West Coast and study in San Diego. With a curiosity about societal systems and a passion for equality, she studied political science. Her curious sense of adventure led to a year and a half in Spain, Argentina, and Chile. After leaving South America, Jen attained a position at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. working on democracy in Latin America. She then went to work for Senator Boxer where she developed an elementary understanding of the complicated prioritization required of lawmakers. After graduation from UCSD, Jen spent two months processing discoveries about competing priorities, the effectiveness of large bureaucracies, and inequality in the foothills of the Himalayas. In the small town of Rishikesh, she received her yoga teaching credentials as well as a personal lesson in resource management, growing quite skilled at showering with very little hot water. Jen joined Kiva as an intern on the Fellow’s Team in August 2013, and is beyond excited to continue her journey with an organization she strongly admires and respects and contribute to Kiva’s mission in Portland.

Fellows Blog Posts by Jennifer Terry

Mar 19, 2014 US United States

I heard a lot of great things about Oregon before moving here for the Kiva Fellowship: it's beautiful, no shortage of live music and local food, Portland is where all the “coolest” people from San Francisco eventually move… However, as I set out to get to know Kiva’s existing Trustees (partners that make our work possible in and around the Portland area) I was not expecting the immense amount of enthusiasm and excitement for our work, community, and the Kiva Zip program. In just 11 months since the posting of the first Kiva Zip loan in Oregon, this incredible network has funded over $... Continue Reading >>