Gian was born and raised in Brazil. As a youngster, he was always fascinated by the world overseas and its wonders. By the time he turned 18 he had lived in 2 different countries: in the USA, as an exchange student, and in London, where he improved his understanding of the English language. In recent years he also lived in Italy and France.

He has always worked in the for-profit sector and, recently, he decided to change and pursue a more meaningful path in his life. So, last year, at the Kiva Community team in San Francisco, he had his very first step into the non-profit universe, where Gian was introduced to genuinely life-changing opportunities for the unbanked through Kiva's platform. The experience was so particularly rewarding and reassuring that he volunteered as a Kiva Fellow in Mozambique.

Fellows Blog Posts by Gian Vanzo

Mar 26, 2017 MZ Mozambique


When you follow your heart, you can be anything but wrong. You can go anywhere but distant from yourself.


The sound is new to me, but it's surely a welcoming one.

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Mar 6, 2017 MZ Mozambique

Student crossing the railway as we drive by in search of a borrower's house

In the past 3 weeks I've had the opportunity to visit dozens of Kiva-supported borrowers, funded by hundreds of generous individuals worldwide, thanks to Kiva's local partner Hluvuku-Adsema, in Mozambique, Africa. Each visit was unique on its own and each individual I met could have their own biopic. But, given my filming skills (or the complete lack thereof) I was more interested in hearing their stories and how the loans changed their...

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