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Feb 11, 2009

Kiva was featured on Daily Grommet today, and Jules and Joanne are now Kiva Lenders!

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Feb 6, 2009
Rico Munoz is the Partner Development Specialist for Asia, and I managed to catch a quick conversation with him before he left to return to the Philippines tonight.

It's always great to have the international staff in the Kiva HQ office, but for now we'll have to rely again on Skype and email to stay in touch!

And if you're in San Francisco tonight, don't forget to check out Ripple, the Kiva fundraiser hosted by Philanthro Productions! Continue Reading >>
Feb 2, 2009
The Microcredit Summit Campaign last week released the 2009 State of the Campaign Report, revealing that more than 106 million of the world's poorest families received a microloan in 2007.

Read the press release here.

Download the report here.

The Microcredit Summit Campaign is a U.S.-based grassroots advocacy organization committed to ending hunger and poverty. Continue Reading >>
Nov 17, 2008
Many people have been asking me what the impact of the global financial crisis is, or will be, on microfinance. So, when two papers passed my desk this morning, I thought Kiva lenders might be interested in reading them too:

Click here to download the Foundation for Development Cooperation's briefing note titled "Impact of the Global Finanical Crisis on Microfinance".

Click here to download "Micro's Moment", an article by Sam Mendelson ( smmendelson A.T. ), published in Financial World magazine ( ). Continue Reading >>
Nov 12, 2008
Some of the Kiva Lending Teams are really amazing in the community spirit they create, and the way that they incorporate helping entrepreneurs through Kiva into an existing group - whether online or offline.

Congratulations to Team Obama for hitting $100k on 11/4. You've really shown that rallying a community around a goal - passing $100k on Election Day - can be unbelievably effective.

And congratulations to Team Virginia, who have even created a website for their team and are are selling their own team merchandise on Cafe Press!

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Nov 6, 2008
Make sure your check your inbox - and your spam folder! - tomorrow, the Kiva Newsletter for November will be coming your way.

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Oct 31, 2008
Dr. Scott McLeod recently heard Alan November's keynote speech at ITEC 2008, where he commented on Kiva:
"If the Web needed a reason to be invented, this is it."Check out Dr. McLeod's notes from the speech here. Continue Reading >>
Oct 30, 2008

Today the entire team gathered into the Kiva conference room to watch Kiva's Chief Technology Officer, Sam Mankiewicz, press the magic button to release Kiva website feature "PA2" unto the internet!

If you don't know what PA2 is, check out Roma's blog posting of October 23, which in fact is just the tip of the iceberg.

PA2 is a major feature which our engineering team has been working on for many months. The general theme is to enable greater detail regarding loan transactions to be stored in the Kiva system, allowing greater transparency - one of our key goals... Continue Reading >>
Oct 29, 2008
Today Kiva was copied on a Letter to the Editor, sent by a Kiva Lender:

Dear Editor:

I have two investment portfolios. One portfolio holds my investments in American industry. It has declined in value about 25% in the last two months. My other portfolio is with Kiva, a web-based organization that lets me invest directly in microloans to poor people throughout the world. My recent loans to the Cambodian pig farmer, the Azerbaijani clothing seller, the Bolivian cheese maker, the carpenters in Lebanon and Nicaragua, and a dozen others have been repaid in full. The only... Continue Reading >>