Dimitri was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the United States in 1991. He grew up in Princeton, NJ, and graduated NYU's Stern School of Business with a degree in finance and international business, spending a semester at Bocconi University in Milan. After graduation, he worked as a Sales Associate for S&P Capital IQ, a financial technology company, in New York City for 3 and a half years. He has also served as the Director of Fundraising and Administration for the Shanti Bhavan Children's Project, based in Bangalore, India, which he has visited twice. Dimitri enjoys discovering the world, having traveled to South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He is also an avid skier, and is looking forward to exploring the Caucasus during his fellowship in Azerbaijan with hopes of carving a few runs during his time there.

Fellows Blog Posts by Dimitri Zakharov

May 13, 2013 AZ Azerbaijan, GE Georgia

From Azerbaijan, another photo blog!  This time, no politics, no opinions - just spectacular views of one of the best regions on the planet.  Photos from the northern towns of Sheki, Zaqatala, Qax, and a couple from Georgia. One point of clarification: any reference to 'Albanian' is about Caucasian Albanian - an ancient civilization that existed in this region, with no relation to today's Republic of Albania.
In the town of Sheki.
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May 6, 2013 AZ Azerbaijan

Having lived here for three months now, it's easy to forget how oblivious I was of this country before I arrived.  Few even know where Azerbaijan is on a map. You (just about every one of you) has never and probably will never see this place.  So, here is a collection of photos from three months of travels.  It’s but a glimpse, an unworthy speck of what can be called life in Azerbaijan.  Pictures from Sabirabad, Imishli, Bilasuvar, Agsu, Goychay, Beylagan, and Agjabedi.

Some towns are centuries old; others no more than a decade. ...

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Mar 21, 2013 AZ Azerbaijan

After 5 straight weeks of gray skies, cold winds, and not a drop of sunshine, spring is finally here!  Leaves are emerging and flowers are starting to bloom from the previously barren landscape.  The warm weather also means I can finally lose my heavy winter coat for a slightly lighter coat.   March 20 marks the start of Novruz, the Persian New Year.  Around the country semeni are displayed sprouting, symbolizing the rebirth of the land and hopes for a bountiful harvest.  (More about Novruz in a future post!)     During the course of my client... Continue Reading >>

Feb 27, 2013 AZ Azerbaijan

Dimitri Zakharov | KF20 | Azerbaijan

Something big is happening here – and you don’t know anything about it. As I explained in my last post, Azerbaijan has amassed great wealth due to its reserves of oil.  It is the third largest oil producing country out of the CIS nations and the government oil fund, Sofaz, currently sits on $33.9 billion.  After the breakup of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan took on a staggering initiative of modernization in order to shed its Soviet past and remake its own Azeri identity. The frontline of this metamorphosis is Baku... Continue Reading >>

Feb 15, 2013 AZ Azerbaijan

Dimitri Zakharov | KF20 | Azerbaijan It’s been 2 weeks since my arrival in Azerbaijan for my Kiva Fellowship and every day I grow more confused.    Serving in Azerbaijan is a very different experience from the typical Kiva Fellow placement.  The scenes here of the capital, Baku, aren’t the stereotypical poverty we envision in Africa or south Asia.  By World Bank figures, Azerbaijan is wealthier than more than 54% of the world’s countries; amongst Kiva’s portfolio countries (which include the U.S., Israel, and Mexico) it ranks 8th by GDP... Continue Reading >>