After being given the chance to study abroad, Tina’s experience founded a love for diplomacy which was later developed through her studies. Originally from San Diego, Tina, moved to the Bay Area in order to attend San Francisco State University where she majored in International Relations with an emphasis in Middle Eastern Studies.Originally set to focus in environmental studies, Tina stumbled across foreign affairs which combines her areas of expertise - political science, activism and philosophy- with  her interests such as culture, tradition, language and art.  Looking to one day build a NGO dedicated to empowerment and sustainability, Tina sees Kiva as an excellent opportunity for both professional and personal growth. Outside of her internship, Tina enjoys running, cooking, hiking and lazy weekends. 

Kiva Blog Updates

Jan 10, 2014 KV Kiva HQ

As part of a new blog series, we’ll be taking a look at the United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and examine how Kiva loans contribute to addressing these targets.
This week, we’ll investigate the importance of education and the role it plays in gender empowerment. Why is education important and how does it really impact extreme poverty? How does Kiva challenge inequality in academic opportunity, and what can lenders do to help foster this development?


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Dec 31, 2013 KV Kiva HQ

With 2013 coming to a close, many of us are reflecting on the last 12 months and perhaps even creating some new year's resolutions as we look forward to 2014. For some lenders, this coming year might be a chance to make plans with old friends, learn a foreign language, or read a book they never got around to. But did you know that by lending through Kiva you're also contributing to the goals set by world leaders? As part of a new blog series, we’ll be taking a look at the United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals and examine how Kiva loans contribute to...
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Nov 27, 2013 KV Kiva HQ

With Halloween behind us and harvest season coming to an end, the dormant months begin for many agricultural workers around the world. After planting, sowing and nurturing their crop, farmers see the harvest months as a measure of their productivity -- and hopefully -- a time of prosperity. 
For those of us who aren’t directly involved in agriculture, fall is often seen as a time for celebration with family, although many of those celebrations are in fact tied to the harvest season. For example, Rome’s holiday, Cerelia, celebrates...
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Nov 8, 2013 KV Kiva HQ
Since hitting the Philippines on Friday, Typhoon Haiyan -- also known as Yolanda -- has sparked fear throughout the region of Southeast Asia. Travelling at speeds between 147 and 195 mph, the storm has hurled wind, heavy rain and lethal waves at coastal towns, claiming the lives of four people already and leaving more than 750,000 at risk.
With a current category level of 4 out of 5, Typhoon Haiyan is one of the strongest tropical cyclones on record and is steadily growing into a category 5 as it moves throughout Southeast Asia and specifically...
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Oct 14, 2013 KV Kiva HQ

With 1.5 billion observants, Islam’s Feast of Sacrifice or Eid al-Adha, is happening this evening through tomorrow night -- promoting virtues of giving and sharing. With its roots originating from the sacrifice made by Abraham to God, Eid al-Adha looks to reenact the willingness exemplified by Abraham through the offering of food and...

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Oct 11, 2013 KV Kiva HQ

On Kiva, it's clear that women play a full range of roles: mothers, sisters, entrepreneurs, community leaders, activists, the list goes on. We see women every day acting on behalf of their communities, becoming the driving force behind business, education and agriculture.

Today, we celebrate the Day of the Girl Child, presenting us all with the opportunity to help young women thrive and grow up to be successful at whatever path they choose. This international day of reflection is all about considering gender equality, and the ways we can act together to...

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Sep 29, 2013 KV Kiva HQ
Working in Pakistan’s fractured school systems, Kashf Foundation -- one of our innovative new field partners -- is working with Kiva to reform and repair the country's dilapidated schools. Recognizing education's pivotal role in poverty alleviation, Kashf -- which means 'self disovery' -- has set out to improve schools, decrease illiteracy, and improve the lives of students and communities.

Through Kashf, Kiva lenders can make loans directly to schools and support initiatives to reform administrations, curricula and infrastructure. Overall, these loans will help improve the... Continue Reading >>
Sep 20, 2013 KV Kiva HQ

This year's theme for the International Day of Peace is "Education for Peace."

Established in 1981 by the United Nation’s General Assembly, the International Day of Peace on September 21 -- TOMORROW -- is a day for the whole world to reflect on the meaning of peace and reconciliation. This international holiday, established by Resolution 36/67, aims to spread a doctrine of unity and ‘a cessation of hostilities,’ through public awareness and campaigns for equality.

Today, the U.N. and other organizations look to bring attention to issues... Continue Reading >>