Betsy McCormick

As the Portfolio Manager for North & Central America, Betsy is responsible for managing the existing portfolio as well as expanding Kiva's presence in the region through new partnerships. She was previously a Field Support Specialist in the same region. Prior to joining Kiva, Betsy served as a Kiva Fellow in Juticalpa, Honduras with FAMA and in Medellin, Colombia with Interactuar. Having long cultivated an interest in international development and social justice, Betsy has previously worked with Guatemalan midwives and for a Bay Area health education non-profit. She graduated with a B.A. in Social Studies and a Spanish language citation from Harvard College.

Fellows Blog Posts by Betsy McCormick

Nov 28, 2010 CO Colombia

When I first told my father that Kiva had placed me in Medellín, he asked, “you mean the drug and murder capital of the world?” Er, um, not anymore! I don’t think….

Medellín is, in many ways, two different cities in one—and a place that faces far more nuanced challenges than its tarnished reputation implies.

On the one hand, it is a city of beautiful, young socialites. The women here are simply stunning, and a night out in the Zona Rosa is enough to make even the staunchest objector consider the benefits of a spray tan and plastic surgery. All of the pretty young...

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