Born and raised in Minnesota, Anna earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics from Miami University of Ohio. Immediately after college, Anna worked as a personal aide to a Pan-European ARTE broadcast journalist and Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire (ONPL) orchestra conductor. In this role, she coordinated logistics and traveled extensively from her base in Strasbourg, France throughout Europe and the United States. Most recently, Anna served as a senior associate at Capitol Partners, a political consultancy and lobbying firm in Washington, DC. Anna worked directly with clients on and off "the hill," in addition to managing the office and overseeing the firm's staff. Her client-centric work involved crafting government strategies for both non-profit and for-profit institutions, reaffirming her belief in the large impact that modest amounts of targeted funding can have. Anna is driven by the notion that while opportunity may not be universal, talent is. To this end, she is excited by the possibilities of microloans, and thrilled to continue her work with Kiva in her hometown of Minneaplis.

Fellows Blog Posts by Anna Forsberg

Dec 28, 2012 SN Senegal

0041.jpgw300Squished amid the forcibly vertical crowd of 45 some odd people in a Senegalese bus made for “15 maximum!”  (or so the sign read…), arms glued to my sides and modeling a facial expression of utter discomfort, I overheard a jarring statistic shared in conversation between my neighbors:  25% of Senegal’s population is living in .3% of the land in Dakar.

Try to find empty space — I dare you.

The mind visual...

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