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Apr 23, 2009 GT Guatemala

Today is my last day as a Kiva Fellow working in Guatemala City. I will admit that in recent weeks my mind has been wandering to the luxuries of home: ethnic food, safe and timely public transportation, dishwashers, smog laws, etc… But as always, when leaving a new “home”, I know that I will miss the experiences and friendships that I have been lucky enough to experience while here.

As one of my fellow Kiva Fellows pointed out in an earlier post, we fellows tend to receive credit for the support that all of you lenders are really giving. I wish I could offer you one of the glasses...

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Mar 30, 2009 GT Guatemala

**Warning: Do not read if you are my parents**

Yesterday morning the secretary of FAPE (the MFI I am working with here in Guatemala City) woke up at 4:30am. As she left her house she kissed her 3-year-old son goodbye and told him that if she didn’t come home tonight he should know that she loves him. She then waited at the bus stop for over 2 hours for a city bus to bring her the 5 miles to the FAPE office.

Guatemala City (“Guate”) is in a public transportation crisis. It’s taken me awhile to...

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Mar 12, 2009 GT Guatemala

Those of us who know and love the Kiva platform probably find ourselves giving the “what is Kiva” elevator pitch fairly often. “Kiva is an online platform…” or “Kiva is a microlending social community…” or whatever your go-to line may be. And we’ve most likely all seen eyes glaze over and watched our audience find a sudden fascination with their feet. But every once in a while you can tell that you’ve hooked them: “So I would get my money back?” “I can really lend $25?” And my favorite moment of those conversations: “What is the default rate?”

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Feb 12, 2009 GT Guatemala

Well, what the guidebooks say is true: Guatemala City is no walk in the park. Yet, the largest city in Central America certainly has much to offer and I look forward to sharing my experiences over the next few months with you.

I hope you enjoy the video below that I created to introduce you to FAPE – the microfinance foundation I’ll be working with here in Guatemala City. A previous Kiva Fellow (Megan Montgomery) and the Kiva staff have built a strong partnership with FAPE and I’ve been received with open arms and a lot of food.

Here are a few facts about...

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