Ana Acosta

Ana was born in Cuba, moved to Venezuela at the age of 2 where she lived for 8 years until moving to Miami. Growing up in Venezuela and visiting Cuba numerous times allowed her to personally experience the effects that inequality and poor economic development can have on people, communities, and countries. This perspective is what led her to dedicate her life to economic development in the nonprofit sector. She is one semester from graduating with a BS in Economics and a minor in Political Science. Ana spent a summer working for the UN Refugee Agency, primarily as fundraiser. Through her efforts, she was able to recruit countless sustainable donors and fundraise over $5,000. Becoming a Kiva Fellow is a dream come true, not only because of the unique experience she will gain, but also because she is a strong believer that microfinance is a truly sustainable solution to alleviating global poverty. After she finishes her undergraduate degree, Ana plans on taking a year off to travel and teach English abroad, or continue working in a nonprofit if given the opportunity. After, she plans to go on to Graduate School and get her Master's in Public Policy.

Fellows Blog Posts by Ana Acosta

Aug 8, 2013 GO Global Update

My experience as a Kiva Zip Fellow in Richmond has been exciting, unique, memorable, thought-provoking, eye-opening, I’ve had my ups, I’ve had my downs, mostly ups though, and I’ve been able to meet extremely intelligent individuals who are passionate about economic development, and who have shed a light on so many questions I had regarding a career in the non-profit sector, and more specifically, in economic development. And it couldn’t have been a better time, as I’ll be going into my senior year of college now, and will soon be making tough decisions that will affect the rest of my career... Continue Reading >>

Aug 2, 2013 GO Global Update

Steven McAlpin handing Senator Warner his own personalized walking stick.
Steven McAlpin, founder of Canes for Courage and Kiva Zip borrower, jumped on stage as Josh from United Virginia was giving his speech, and gave Senator Warner one of his hand carved customized walking sticks with the words “Kiva Virginia” and “Senator Warner” engraved. This was one of many exciting moments that occurred at the Kiva City Richmond launch that took place Monday July 29th. Richmond happily became the 7th Kiva City in the U.S.,... Continue Reading >>

Jul 18, 2013 US United States

View from my balcony
I set foot in Richmond for the first time, ever, about 5 weeks ago and it has certainly been a journey, and a great one to say the least. I was like a sea turtle that just came out of its shell and didn’t know which way the ocean was. I know that’s quite the cheesy analogy, but it just popped into my head and I’m sticking with it! Think of the ocean as the economic development landscape in Richmond, filled with tons of different organization, of different sizes, serving different... Continue Reading >>