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Mar 7, 2011 GH Ghana

Compiled by Alexis Ditkowsky, KF14, South Africa

Last week, Kiva Fellows took you to places you may not have known existed (West Timor, Indonesia, pictured)

The Fellows will be covering International Women’s Day later this week but let’s take a moment to acknowledge its lesser-known cousin in Kyrgyzstan, “Man’s Day”. And while you’re appreciating culture and history in far-off places, take a trip to Peru and West Timor through photos,...

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Mar 1, 2011 ZA South Africa

By Alexis Ditkowsky, KF14, South Africa

Learning the meaning of "just now" over tea on a previous trip to South Africa

In addition to the popular phrases “howzit?” (short for “how’s it going?”), “pleasure” (in place of “you’re welcome”), and “ach, shame” (which can emphasize just about anything from appreciation for an adorably cute dog to disappointment over your cricket team losing to...

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Feb 28, 2011 BJ Benin

Compiled by Alexis Ditkowsky, KF14, South Africa

Kiva's microfinance partners often provide services beyond finance, including housing (pictured above in Colombia), education, energy, agriculture, hospitality, business, women's rights, community, and culture.

Another week, another incredible range of dispatches from around the world. Several Fellows told their stories with video and pictures while others took time to reflect on the state of microfinance as a global...

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Feb 21, 2011 BO Bolivia

Fellows wrote about visiting with borrowers and so much more (South African clients pictured above)

Members of the 14th class of Kiva Fellows have officially hit their stride. While we never know where the next dispatch will come from or what interesting topics the Fellows will cover next, we always know we’ll be transported, entertained, and edified. This past week, topics included “Christmas”, trekking to a remote village (with video!), handling adversity (...

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Feb 17, 2011 ZA South Africa

One of my favorite pictures from a recent borrower visit: Work and Pray Computers.

You may or may not have noticed that posts from South Africa have been on the non-specific end of the spectrum. This is because Kiva’s first partner in South Africa, Women’s Development Businesses (WDB), is currently in a “pilot” stage*. Both Kiva and WDB are figuring out the best processes and procedures for working together so that WDB can keep doing what it does best...

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Feb 14, 2011 ZA South Africa

A new Kiva group with Women's Development Businesses checks out their photo for the website

Readers of the Kiva Fellows Blog may be familiar with this outline: - New Fellow arrives at placement - Fellow goes on first borrower visit which involves bumpy roads and/or novel forms of transportation, questionable directions, meeting borrowers, and some unexpected form of hijinx - Fellow returns home after a long day in the field both exhausted and exhilarated

There’s a reason...

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Feb 3, 2011 ZA South Africa

Our trek across South Africa. Just kidding - this was a diorama at the Ladysmith Siege Museum.

As many a Kiva Fellow will tell you, sometimes things just seem to work out and it makes up for all the times they don’t.

Case in point: I showed up for my first day at Women’s Development Businesses (WDB) with mosquito bites all over my face, including one on my eyelid that made me look like I was suffering from some sort of paralysis. I didn’t have the correct adapter for my...

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