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Sep 9, 2011 RW Rwanda

By Whitney Webb, KF16, Rwanda


Things became real when I stepped out of my NYC apartment for the last time and hailed a cab to the airport. It was one thing to say (repeatedly) “I’m moving to Rwanda to do a fellowship in microfinance. I’m so excited. And a little nervous.” It’s quite another to pack up your bags and actually board a plane to Rwanda, or Indonesia, or Paraguay, etc… I’m guessing more than one of us Kiva...

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Sep 9, 2011 KH Cambodia

Compiled by Kate Bennett, KF15, Ecuador

At the Gambian Horse and Donkey Trust, Saloum runs the Donkey Project and cares passionately about both local development and his long-earred charges. By Tim Young

Over the course of their fellowship, each Kiva Fellows class gleans a better understanding of innerworkings of microfinance and how a microfinance institution (MFI) can tip the scales of success. We begin...

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Aug 8, 2011 RW Rwanda

By Kathrin Gerner, KF16, Rwanda

Group photo Kiva style: The "group leader" is raising his hand

Birthdays are celebrated around the world, and Rwanda – the tiny East African country of 1000 hills wedged between the Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi – is no exception.

For its 5-year anniversary, the staff of Kiva’s field partner Amasezerano Community Bank (ACB) left its offices in Kigali for the shores of beautiful lake Kivu (unfortunately not...

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Aug 8, 2011 RW Rwanda

Hi Everyone! Decided to make a Video blog post to show you a little bit what life is like as a Kiva Fellow in Kigali!

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Jul 7, 2011 EC Ecuador

Compiled by Kathrin Gerner, KF15, Togo

A traditional Zulu hat (by Daniel Jung, South Africa)

Learn about the tradition of Zulu weddings in South Africa. Find out how Kiva’s partners adapt the concept of microfinance to fit their country-specific needs: from loans targeting borrowers affected by emigration in Ecuador, over a preference for group loans in El Salvador, to lending coupled with various training programs in Rwanda. Finish off your weekly reading...

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Jul 7, 2011 RW Rwanda

One of the MFIs I am working with in Kigali is Urwego Opportunity Bank. In Kinyarwanda, Urwego literally means “to provide someone a ladder up”.  Urwego does this not only by providing special loan products for those without access to traditional credit, but also by offering special training to its clients.

When asked to comment on these trainings, the Director of Transformational Impact at UOB said, “people often think that poverty is just financial deficit. However, it also means disempowerment.  Training in household financial, business, and health management empowers...

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Jun 6, 2011 CM Cameroon

Compiled by Kathrin Gerner, KF15, Togo

This week, the fellows in Africa continue to get their bearings in the field. Learn about the importance of trust in Cameroon, find out how political instability affects businesses and microfinance in Uganda, and take a trip to a fellow’s country mountain home in Cameroon.

Trust: Members of a trust group in Rwanda wait for their loan together (by Carolyn Nold)

Instability and Microfinance in Kampala...

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May 5, 2011 RW Rwanda

It’s my first two weeks in Kigali, Rwanda and in addition to the amazing Rwandan buffets, I have found myself tasting the many recipes in life that use trust as the secret ingredient.

When I discovered that I would be traveling to Rwanda, I knew life was about to get awesome.  However, admittedly upon preparation for my departure to Rwanda, I couldn’t help but have the occasional “gulp” as I thought about moving to a new country and starting a new role at institutions I feel privileged to be exposed to. I therefore adopted the...

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May 5, 2011 AM Armenia

Compiled by Alexis Ditkowsky

Transportation is an apt topic when so many Fellows are saying goodbye (Sierra Leone pictured)

We’ve officially hit the point in the Kiva Fellows cycle where the current batch says goodbye just as the latest group is getting their bearings at Kiva HQ. Fortunately, there are a number of posts this week to help us through the transition and cheer us up. If you’re interested in a comprehensive image gallery of the hot...

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Apr 4, 2011 AM Armenia

By Adam Cohn KF14, Rwanda

Rwanda: That Bieber Fever

Poda-Poda, Tro-Tro, Marshrutka, Jitney, Bemo, Bush Taxi. It seems that they have different, funny names in each locale, but they all refer to the same concept: the shared taxi. A share taxi is a vehicle which travels around a fixed route and either departs when it’s totally full, or allows customers to hop on and off wherever they want. In Rwanda, they are also a zeitgeist of what’s hip...

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