How to become a Field Partner

Partnering with Kiva

Kiva partners with a range of organizations, including microfinance institutions (MFIs), social businesses, schools and nonprofits. These organizations are united by a strong commitment to serving the needs of poor, vulnerable and/or excluded populations, either through financial services or by using credit to expand access to beneficial products and services.

In order to apply for partnership, an organization must at minimum:

  • Display a strong commitment to serving the needs of poor, vulnerable, and/or excluded populations.
  • Demonstrate a need for charitable capital,
  • Operate an existing lending program with portfolio quality that is in line with market context and industry standards, or be prepared and legally able to set up a lending program.
  • Provide a specific proposal for using Kiva’s capital to fund loans with a) high social or environmental impact, and b) pricing that is in line with market context and industry standards.
  • Be able to post at least $50,000 USD in loans in the first 12 months on the Kiva website, with capacity to grow in subsequent years.
  • Have assets or operating revenues of at least $100,000 USD.
  • Be able to legally accept and repay US Dollar debt capital and manage currency risk
  • Be legally registered, licensed, and in good standing.

Please note that Kiva is currently unable to accept applications from organizations solely registered in the European Union, mainland China, India, Uzbekistan, or Venezuela. This list may change on an ongoing basis. 

Please refer to these documents for full details on the requirements of partnering with Kiva:

Credit tiers

Kiva has developed a system of credit tiers that enables us to work with Field Partners across a broad spectrum of credit needs.

  • A Field Partner’s credit line can range from $50,000 to $4 million USD, depending on the credit tier assigned by Kiva.
  • The level of due diligence that Kiva conducts on a Field Partner depends on the credit tier assigned, with additional documentation and onsite visits required for higher tiers.
  • A Field Partner is eligible to graduate to higher tiers as they utilize their credit line and demonstrate a successful track record with Kiva. 

Apply to be a Field Partner