What happens if I upload more than one CSV?

Uploading multiple CSVs is the easiest way to fix warnings and errors in your report. The "Repayment CSVs Uploaded" section of the Repayments tab shows you all of the CSVs that you have uploaded for that period. Each row represents the information in one CSV and tells you how many errors, warnings, and on-time reports were in that file. To create your final invoice, the system combines the information provided in all of the CSVs.

How do I view previously-uploaded CSVs?

To view previously-uploaded repayment reports, follow the steps below:


How do I default a loan?

If a loan has been defaulted in your organization’s MIS, you should also default the loan in PA2.


What are Loans Reported On-Time?

Loans Reported On-Time are loans for which you have reported on-time repayments. In other words, the borrowers are repaying according to the schedule you originally uploaded with their loans, and are neither delinquent nor prepaid.

What are Loans Not Reported?

Loans Not Reported are loans for which Kiva expects you to report repayments, but for which you have not yet reported.

What is the Loans with Scheduled Repayments Report?

The Loans with Scheduled Repayments Report shows what your repayment report would look like if all loans were repaid according to the repayment schedules originally uploaded in PA2. It does not take previously invoiced amounts into account.


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