Tips for Writing a Good Loan Use

From a recent lender survey, 50% of lenders said that the Loan Use was the most important reason they chose to support a borrower on Kiva. Below is a document with tips for writing a good Loan Use. 

What if I collect repayment on a loan that was previously defaulted?

In the event that you collect repayment on a loan that was previously defaulted, you must report the repayment in PA2, so that it can be settled out to Kiva lenders. The process for reporting a repayment on a defaulted loan is the same as reporting a repayment on any other loan. For instructions on how to report repayments, see Managing Repayments.
The loan will remain in “defaulted” status unless it is reported as fully repaid, in which case it will move into “ended” status.

Lending Toolkit

In the guide you will find tools and strategies that will help your organization:
  • Maintain your lender engagement and build lenders’ loyalty to your organization
  • Build a great brand for your organization on Kiva and increase re‐lending rates
  • Decrease expirations
Tools and strategies covered in this Toolkit:
  • Engaging your Kiva lending team
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, etc)
  • Mass Journals to your lender community

Credit Limit Table of Definitions

Term Formula

Monthly Fundraising Limit Calculation Report

The Monthly Fundraising Limit Calculation Report helps you understand how we calculate the amount available for you to fundraise on Kiva.

Credit Limit Calculation Report

The Credit Limit Calculation Report helps you understand how we calculate the amount available for you to fundraise on Kiva.


What is a Theme Limit?

Every time you post a loan in PA2, you must assign that loan with a theme. Generally, a theme corresponds to a specific loan product offered by your organization.

There are two kinds of loan themes: restricted and unrestricted. Restricted loan themes have caps that are lower than your organization’s overall credit limit. Unrestricted loan themes do not have specified caps, meaning that your organization can use as much of your overall credit limit as you wish to fundraise loans with this theme.


Resolving an "Issue" Loan

When a loan goes under issue, a pink banner appears on the Home page of PA2 and you will see it when you log in to the site. On the 20th of the month, Kiva sends the Kiva Coordinator an email reminder about any issue loans that are awaiting correction. The partner should review issue loans more frequently than one time per month, but the email will not go out more than that.

To resolve issue loans:


Understanding the Repayments page

To see the status of repayments reported to Kiva for the current billing period, click on the "Repayments" tab.

At the top of the "Repayments" page, you will see the "Repayment Summary." This summary provides the following information for the current billing period:



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