When do you think the $100 millionth dollar will be loaned?

Kiva has been growing and growing, and each month millions of dollars are being loaned to entrepreneurs around the world.

We just passed the $90 million mark in total loans made (that's cumulative loan volume), and now the countdown is on to $100 million!

Earlier this year, we started an office pool to see who could guess when we'd hit $100 million - and we'd like to invite you to join in!

We've created an online survey so you can vote for the day you think we'll hit $100 million in total loans. To place your vote, just click here.

Now, in the interests of fair play, we've shared the current office pool with you below:

(You'll notice that the office pool includes both date and time, however in the interests of simplicity the online survey only records the date of your guess.)

In addition, you likely suspect that many of the guesses listed above were cleverly calculated using Kiva loan data to create loan volume growth projections. If you did, you are correct!

So, we invite you to use Kivalytics to examine some Kiva loan data - if you so wish - to create your own estimates.

Happy Voting!

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