Joins Forces with to promote Mexican Entrepreneurs (Mexicans & Americans Thinking Together-Foundation, Inc) has partnered with to work together in bringing our Mexican entrepreneurs to the attention of the Mexican American community.

MATT is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage bicultural Mexicans and Americans to understand, address and solve the major problems of our two nations to the benefit of both peoples. MATT stands for "the friendship and prosperity of our two countries... because we love and understand both cultures."

MATT has joined forces with Mexican Kiva Field Partner ADMIC to promote Mexican enterpreneurs requesting a loan on MATT's extensive network of Mexican Americans will prove a key player in scaling ADMIC's portfolio with

This three-way partnership between, ADMIC and MATT is a natural marriage of 3 organizations working in the United States, Mexico and both. By connecting individuals to Mexican entrepreneurs we are all achieving the same goal in unison. is grateful for MATT's support and looks forward to many years creating businesses in Mexico through small loans with the help of MATT.

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