Another Successful Kiva Fellowship Training!!

Last week, 19 energetic and dedicated Kiva Fellows descended upon our headquarters to train for their placements in the field in the coming months. The trainees were selected from an impressive pool of applicants, and they joined the Kiva Team for four intense days of lots of learning and preparing to represent Kiva in the field and work with our Field Partners all over the world.

Kiva Fellows (June 08 Training) and Staff

The Fellows who graduated from training last Friday will be moving to Latin America, Africa, and Asia to help Kiva operations on the ground, visit borrowers and report back in the form of business journals and the Fellows Blog. The Fellows who completed their training in May 2008 are already with our Field Partners in Uganda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Cambodia, among other countries.

Huge kudos to the Fellows for staying awake and energized through tons of information intake and during an un-characteristically hot San Francisco week. You participated with good humor and grace, and we can't wait to see the impact you're going to have in the field!

Lenders, watch out for some great business updates heading your way on the Journals page.

For more information on our Fellows Program, click here.

--posted by April Newman

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