Kiva Fellows 18th Class
Nomadic by nature, Varick has lived in 7 US states plus Africa and the Caribbean! After high school and college in the Midwest (UW Madison - go Badgers!) he joined the Peace Corps in Ghana and then skiied and mountain biked for a few years in Colorado, finally settling on the West Coast, where his business experience began.Varick has owned 2 small businesses and, most recently, has been with Wells Fargo Bank as a Risk Management Consultant. His primary job responsibilities the past few years include fraud strategy implementation, neural network development and scoring model assessment. In his free time Varick likes to surf, discuss random topics and explore San Francisco, his current home. He tries to stay healthy and positive of mind, body and spirit through yoga, laughter and, of course, a slight degree of denial. Varick is ready to learn microlending and do his part to help others in the world achieve their dreams. He is thankful to Kiva for this opportunity!Following his fellowship Varick plans to finish his MBA degree.