Nov 10, 2006 (Mexicans & Americans Thinking Together-Foundation, Inc) has partnered with to work together in bringing our Mexican entrepreneurs to the attention of the Mexican American community. MATT is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage bicultural Mexicans and Americans to understand, address and solve the major problems of our two nations to the benefit of both peoples. MATT stands for "the friendship and prosperity of our two countries... because we love and understand both cultures." MATT has joined forces with Mexican Kiva Field Partner ADMIC... Continue Reading >>

Nov 8, 2006 has expanded into a second Eastern European country with a new partnership with Microinvest, in Moldova. Microinvest was founded by The Soros Foundation and launched in April 2003 with the purpose to create and develop micro and small enterprises by providing advisory and financial services. Microinvest's services target primarily those entrepreneurial initiatives which carry potential for development, but cannot meet the requirements for the commercial banks' credits. is pleased to be in partnership with Microinvest and continuing our expansion into Eastern... Continue Reading >>

Nov 7, 2006 is excited to announce its first partnership in Nigeria, with LAPO (Lift Above Poverty Organization). LAPO started its activities in 1987 and was formally incorporated as a nonprofit nongovernmental organization (NGO) in 1993. The specific objective of LAPO is to promote selfemployment through access to microfinance. LAPO's clients are among the poorest people in the urban and rural areas where it operates. Grameen Foundation has been supporting LAPO since early 2003 in loans and grants to support branch expansion, on-lending to clients and MIS automation projects. GF has... Continue Reading >>

Nov 6, 2006

Over the past seven day a new Kiva has grown wings, stretched and stood towering over us all. A week ago we were an organization fighting for the opportunity of enterprise for people in the developing world. Today we look behind us and see that we are surrounded by thousands wanting to join our fight.Since the Frontline/World piece aired on 10/31 and the resulting traffic promptly crashed our server, we have seen a phenomenon of support rallying around us. Thousands of emails sent encouragement, thousands of people sent donations, and loan funds of over $180,000 were received.'s... Continue Reading >>

Nov 3, 2006

1:39AM     It is the early hours of the morning at the office but we are not sleeping. has spent the last two days recovering from one of the most amazing events in our history, which has left us stronger, more motivated and more inspired than ever...Halloween was a day that none of the team will ever forget. While we had spent weeks preparing for our expected increase in traffic, we had no idea of the response we would actually get. As our Field Partners across the globe sent in their final business profiles and our engineers ran benchmarks, we readied ourselves... Continue Reading >>

Oct 30, 2006

Call your friends, call your neighbours, email your whole address book! Frontline World will feature on the first program of their new broadcast season, airing tomorrow night. Tune in to Frontline World on your local PBS station tomorrow evening to see - on TV! - the team in San Francisco, some of our original entrepreneurs in Uganda, and watch the process of getting a new loan approved, posted, funded and delivered via's website. Frontline World have put a lot of work into capturing the...
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Oct 27, 2006 has partnered with a second microfinance institution in Bulgaria: Microfond, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Microfond's mission is to support the entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, by providing alternative sources of financing for start-ups, small and medium business, which do not have access to bank system sources of capital. Microfond's clients are micro, small and middle-sized companies that meet difficulties in financing their business projects by the existing banks and other financial institutions. Microfond EAD originates from the Microcredit Program of the Resource Center Foundation... Continue Reading >>

Oct 25, 2006 will be holding our second in-store event at Starbucks at Bay and Taylor, on Monday, November 6. If you're in the area come on down, meet some of the Kiva team and bring your friends! We'll have a loan station in the store and would love to meet some of the people who are funding our entrepreneurs.
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Oct 23, 2006 is excited to announce a partnership with Microfund, continuing our expansion across the African continent.MICROFUND is a microfinance institution created on March 21, 1998 with the aim of facilitating credit operations and savings mobilization. Its principal challenges are to combat poverty in Togo, to increase the revenues of marginalized populations in cities and the country, and to research financial partners to provide institutional support and loan funds. The mission of MICROFUND is to provide financial and technical assistance to the economically active poor active in... Continue Reading >>

Oct 18, 2006 has been invited to present to the Council of Advocates and Parliamentarians at theGlobal Microcredit Summit, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia November 12-15, 2006. will also be presenting an Associated Session on November 13 at 5:30pm titled "Using the Internet to Raise Low-Cost Capital". is proud to be a part of the 2006 Summit, presented by The Microcredit Summit Campaign. The Summit will convene 2,000 delegates from more than 100 countires to assess progress toward the Summit's goal of reaching 100 million poorest families, and to...
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