Feb 28, 2007

Congratulations!Kiva.org has been awarded a $300k grant from the Draper Richards Foundation! These funds will be used to help us cover operating expenses necessary for the unbelievable growth we've been experiencing.The Draper Richards Foundation was founded in 2002 by William H. Draper, III and Robin Richards Donohoe, venture capitalists who believe in the power of innovation and passionate individuals to change the world. Only six Draper Richards fellowships are awarded each year, and they are specifically and solely for entrepreneurs starting new non-profit organizations.... Continue Reading >>

Feb 27, 2007

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Kiva.org team, Anushka Ratnayake, Client Services and Fellows Program Co-ordinator:Anushka coordinates Kiva.org's Field Representative Program while working to develop and manage Kiva.org customer service. Anushka has traveled extensively and while in school was deeply involved in retention efforts and the educational rights of students from local low income communities. While traveling she had the opportunity to visit a number of villages in India which have seen the benefits of microfinance loans and was deeply touched to witness first... Continue Reading >>

Feb 22, 2007

Today the Three Millionth Dollar was loaned through Kiva.org! The more you loan, the more Field Partners we'll partner with and the more entrepreneurs in the developing world will be given a chance at supporting themselves through a small business.Keep it up Kivans! Continue Reading >>

Feb 19, 2007

Kiva.org has partnered with L'Institution de HOPE RDC, a member of the Hope International network in the Democratic Republic of Congo.IMF HOPE Congo has been working in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2004. During this time, the program has expanded from the capital city of Kinshasa to the cities of Kisangani and Lubumbashi. HOPE serves over 5,000 active clients in Congo. Following a destructive civil war and in a context of continuing political transition, IMF HOPE Congo is one of a few registered microfinance institutions. IMF HOPE Congo’s commitment to industry best practices and... Continue Reading >>

Feb 15, 2007

Kiva.org is proud to announce its first partnership in Tajikstan, with Microloan Fund "MicroInvest" (MLF):Microloan Fund "MicroInvest" is one of the leading non-banking financial institutions of Tajikistan. From the date of establishment in 2002, within the framework of the Fergana Valley Regional Microlending Project implemented by Representation of ACDI/VOCA in Tajikistan, MLF Microinvest has directed all efforts towards achievement of understanding, satisfaction of requirements, and expansion of mutually advantageous cooperation with the its clients. Small loans given by MLF Microinvest on... Continue Reading >>

Feb 7, 2007

We've received an exciting update from MIFEX on their evolving organization in Guayaquil, Ecuador.MIFEX is in the final stages of transitioning to a Credit Union (savings and credit cooperative), which is a very important change for the organization and their clients. Ongoing, every MIFEX borrower will have the ability to hold savings in their accounts, and will be legally obligated to own some part of the Credit Union. This will serve as an additional source of capital for lending, and provides a very necessary service to MIFEX's clients.We applaud MIFEX for their work on this transition... Continue Reading >>

Feb 5, 2007

Kiva.org has announced its first partnership in Cameroon, with the microfinance institution GHAPE:

Overview: GHAPE is a registered non-governmental, not-for-profit and apolitical organization dedicated to poverty alleviation in Cameroon, West Africa. GHAPE believes poverty is one of the oldest diseases known to mankind, and that it is a "germ" caused by the vast greed of this world. Bernadette A. Ngoh founded GHAPE in October 1998...

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Feb 1, 2007

We are thrilled to announce that Geoff Davis, President and CEO of Unitus, has accepted a position on Kiva.org's Board of Directors.Geoff has been a very valuable advisor to Kiva.org and we look forward to his contributions to Kiva.org as a member of the Board. Continue Reading >>

Jan 26, 2007

Kiva.org has stolen the front page of Computerworld this issue in the cover story "Click and Change the World".Take a look online - and join in the debate around the piece if you dare! Continue Reading >>

Jan 23, 2007

Kiva.org is pleased to announce our newest partner, SEED (Supporting Enterprises for Economic Development) in Kenya.SEED Development Group is a unique microfinance organization that employs practical microfinance and microenterprise approaches to comprehensively address the needs of rural people. SEED is in the process of scaling up its operations from a community-based organization to a comprehensive one-stop microfinance services organization.SEED projects combine microfinance with aspects of microenterprises to enable clients to achieve 70% growth within the first 12 months of membership.... Continue Reading >>