Jun 12, 2015 KV Kiva HQ

Positive news: A 5 cent paper battery is here.
Squeamish need not continue: Science proves kids touch tons of gross stuff.
History lessons: Chalkboards with nearly 100 year-old lessons discovered in Oklahoma.
Take a moment: A touching...
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Jun 10, 2015 KV Kiva HQ

Kiva Fellows have been hard at work these past few months! From India to Tanzania, they have captured some amazing photos of borrowers.  

Fellow Natalie Russell captured this photo of Celina, who sells small dry fish in Tanzania. Claire Eggers, a fellow in India, took this inspiring photo of Ganesh on his mushroom farm. A woman in Zimbabwe uses Kiva loans to support her clothing store, where Alan Mathers shot this photo.  Eric Brandt (former fellow, current Kiva staffer!) captured this colorful moment of a woman in Palestine who uses her Kiva...

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Jun 5, 2015 HR Croatia

At Kiva, we love to travel and we love to trade travel advice! I grew up in the former Yugoslavia and, as a child, spent my summers on the Croatian coast visiting my grandmother. I’ve been lucky to return many times as an adult, but I never tire of its charms and fall deeper in love with the country every time I visit. I’m excited to share 25 can’t miss experiences that will make any traveler's visit to Croatia unforgettable. Read more at Kiva's Medium page> Continue Reading >>

May 29, 2015 KV Kiva HQ

From the air: First aerial photographs of Cuba are stunning.
BatKid begins: A remake that rebooted our hearts.
Robocop: Using tech to ease traffic in Kinshasa.
The future: Learning more about self-driving cars.
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May 27, 2015 KV Kiva HQ

It’s hard to believe the members of the 27th class of Kiva Fellow volunteers are currently making their way by train, plane and boat to their placements for the next 4 months. Our fellows program started in 2007 and has grown from humble beginnings to a formidable operation that provides Kiva staff with critical connections to our field partners and borrowers around the world.
Last week, 28 fellows from 9 different countries joined us at our headquarters in San Francisco to meet each other, meet the staff and learn as much as humanly possible about...
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May 22, 2015 SB Solomon Islands

Shell money is a traditional form of currency that was used in the Solomon Islands before bank notes were introduced. Some provinces still use shell money today, primarily for ceremonies, settling disputes, and bridal and land payments. It is beautifully crafted from seashells, often consisting of strings of differently colored shell-beads. Visit Kiva's Medium page to see how it's made! Continue Reading >>

May 19, 2015 KV Kiva HQ

We are honored to announce a new member of our team, Martin Tschopp, as CEO of Kiva.  As co-lead with Kiva’s President and Co-founder, Premal Shah, Martin brings a skillset that will help Kiva grow our reach, maximize social impact and leverage technology in strategic new ways.  Martin comes to Kiva after 12 years with eBay, most recently as the Vice President and General Manager of eBay Advertising. At eBay, he worked to build and grow marketplace and e-... Continue Reading >>

May 15, 2015 KV Kiva HQ

Amazing insider: Everyday life in Somalia.
Shout out: President Obama sends some #KivaLove.
Beating the odds: Solar bike path test performs better than anticipated.
Have a laugh: Top 10 design flaws of the human body.
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May 14, 2015 KV Kiva HQ

Kiva’s loans come in all shapes, sizes and languages. Lucky for us, there’s a team of hard- working multilingual volunteers on Kiva’s Review and Translation (RTP) team who make it possible for us to get these loans onto the site!

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May 8, 2015 KV Kiva HQ

There are few things as universal as a mother’s love. Kiva loans support a hugely diverse range of borrowers, hailing from over 80 different countries, but one thing remains a constant: the touching stories we hear of mothers putting the well-being and education of their children above all else. Although we all have plenty of reasons to call our mom or send her a card this Mother's Day, here are 3 women who will further inspire you: Sento lives in Makeni City, Sierra Leone and sells local food, soft drinks, and condiments out of a small store on the side of a main road. She works 16... Continue Reading >>