Mar 3, 2009

One of Kiva's biggest supporters, has made an incredible video about their involvement with Kiva. Wonga is a company based in the UK that offers small, short-term cash advances via their website. For each loan taken on Wonga, they lend 1GBP. Check out the video:

Be sure to check out's lender page, or join their lending team.


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Mar 2, 2009

Are you someone who keeps coming back to the site waiting for a loan from Sierra Leone, or a loan for a carpentry business? Now you can use KivaAlerts to let you know when the loan of your preference is available for funding. KivaAlerts was built by BetterLabs using the Kiva API. Betterlabs posted about KivaAlerts:We believe will remind every one interested in supporting the Kiva causes more proactively and we also hope that users will forward interesting loan alerts to friends and family and help grow the lenders at for global good. Check it out! Continue Reading >>

Feb 25, 2009

For those of us who heard all about the Kiva API but didn't quite understand exactly what all the fuss was about, here's a FANTASTIC example of what the Kiva API can be used for:Kivaworld is a cool way to see the most recent Kiva loan activity, on a world map. You can see all of the current fundraising loans, or the 100 most recent loans Funded, Paid or In repayment. Check it out here.KivaWorld was created by Wonsys, an organization "born from the passion of a group of friends" whose "goal is to build applications which are effective and easy to use... Continue Reading >>

Feb 24, 2009

Chris Baker, Kiva Fellow for Nepal during the summer of 2008, recently completed this video of a field visit he conducted. Chris was the first fellow ever to serve with Kiva Field Partner Patan Business and Professional Women (BPW).To read more stories from the field by Kiva Fellows, please see the Kiva Fellows Blog. Continue Reading >>

Feb 23, 2009

Kiva's engineering team has been working on an experiment for the last few weeks to see how we can bring borrowers and lenders closer. In the past, we've seen that photographs have been one of the biggest ways for our lenders to feel connected to our borrowers.We decided to take that a step farther by experimenting with a new medium: video! Our first video-profile loan is up on the site and hopefully you'll see a few more trickle up to the site as we experiment with this functionality. We'll also be pushing to have more video journals up on the site over the next month or so.We wanted to keep... Continue Reading >>

Feb 23, 2009

Hey Kivans, As you are probably aware, Kiva believes in the power of people across the globe to come together in pursuit of poverty alleviation through microfinance. In our operations, hundreds of volunteers support the editing and translating of businesses and the Kiva office is often teeming with volunteer interns and consultants from Oliver Wyman pitching in. Uniquely and relatedly, David Roodman... Continue Reading >>

Feb 20, 2009

Check out VivaKiva, a website that explains Kiva in Italian (English translation here).They've even made their own animation to explain the Kiva concept: Who knows what we'll see next! Continue Reading >>

Feb 19, 2009

We pushed a new version of the website last night. Here's a summary of some of the changes we made:
  • Fixed loans that were incorrectly marked "Paid Back" and restored them to "Active" status.
  • If you've made a loan to a group, your transaction history will show the name of the group, instead of the group leader's name.
  • Moved the transaction history out of the "Account" section under "My Portfolio" and added it to the left nav under "My Portfolio".
  • Added a running balance to the transaction history (this is also added to the Excel spreadsheet generated by the...
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Feb 18, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

Today marks our first feature update to the Kiva API. It is appropriate, perhaps, that part of this release is a way for you to track future updates we make to the system.  You may have noticed a new section on the front page of this evening which shows the current API status and the release number and age of the current build. This way, if things seem to have changed since you last tested your app, you'll know if it was us. The build number of the API will always change if we push new code (coincidentally, this applies to changes to the Kiva website...

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Feb 17, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

Wow.  We're pretty excited about what's happening with the API thus far. Within a couple of hours of the launch we saw the first use of the API on a blog and in the first week there were four API toolkits for accessing the API in a range of languages. Here's a couple of other things that popped up that caught our eye:

  • a service that lets you sign up for email alerts for your favorite loan categories
  • a map that lets you browse for new loans geographically
  • a Wordpress widget for lenders to showcase their loans
  • this world...
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