Mar 19, 2009

The Kiva co-sponsored Microfinance, CA conference is fast approaching, don’t forget to check it out and get your tickets early!


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Mar 18, 2009

I have been informed that short posts are best. Click here for the program.For my part, I am very excited about the program. If you are not interested in the internship, but feel you can help Kiva IT in some way, please contact rich -a-t- kiva -d-o-t- org. Thanks. Continue Reading >>

Mar 18, 2009

Hey Kiva Lenders – Just wanted to let everyone know that we have graduated the first Filipino MFI partner – Community Economic Ventures Inc. (CEVI) – from “Pilot” to “Active” status. In just 4 short months, they have completed a rigorous Pilot process and now represents our first “Active” partner in Philippines. Kudos goes to CEVI's staff, our Partner Development Specialist Rico... Continue Reading >>

Mar 18, 2009

On this afternoon's Kiva Community Conference Call, we'll be discussing how Kiva deals with currency risk and some proposals about how to do this in the future. Click below to see the slide show, or follow along as we talk about it on the call. 
Community Call Currency Risk V1
View more presentations from mrpremal.
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Mar 18, 2009

You know what they say, the way to a non-profit's heart is through their stomach!Huge thanks to KivaFriends for arranging some amazing pizza to be delivered to the Kiva office for lunch today! Looks like we all had an early lunch today - it's a quarter to noon and the pizza's already gone!!Thanks again KivaFriends! And we'll see you all on the Community Conference Call. Continue Reading >>

Mar 17, 2009

Just a friendly reminder that the Kiva Community Conference Call will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18th at 2pm PDT.You can use the following dial-in information to access the conference line:Dial In (U.S.): 866-740-1260Dial In (Outside U.S.): +1 303-248-0285Access Code: 6415483Thanks for joining us on the call! Continue Reading >>

Mar 6, 2009

Way back on Tuesday we pushed a new version of Kiva. Here's what we did:-Lots of behind the scenes tweaks (think accounting systems, tweaks to our volunteer translation software, some API stuff, etc)-We increased the loan limits for entrepreneurs in some countries (mostly Eastern Europe/Central Asia and the Middle East) from $1200 to $3000 reflecting the changing realities of microfinance in those regions. -We're also laying the groundwork to add more video content to Kiva! Continue Reading >>

Mar 4, 2009

The World Economic Forum has published its 2009 list of Young Global Leaders, which includes Premal Shah, Kiva's President.Congratulations Premal! Continue Reading >>

Mar 3, 2009

Today the Kiva office received our very own Kiva Cambodia "Loaner" t-shirts made by Kiva Fellows in Phnom Penh. What a cool design!Unfortunately it sounds like it might be a little difficult to order your own, check out Kieran Ball's blog from Cambodia with the story about the t-shirts. Continue Reading >>

Mar 3, 2009

One of Kiva's biggest supporters, has made an incredible video about their involvement with Kiva. Wonga is a company based in the UK that offers small, short-term cash advances via their website. For each loan taken on Wonga, they lend 1GBP. Check out the video:

Be sure to check out's lender page, or join their lending team.


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