Aug 20, 2008

It was shaping up to be a normal Thursday afternoon at the Kiva offices in San Francisco. Most of the staff were wrapping up meetings, on the phones, or hanging out with their laptops on couches and at desks. Then the front door buzzer rang and all that changed.Last Thursday afternoon the Kiva offices were treated to a surprise visit by a very special Kiva lender and her family. This special lender is Emma, a 7th grader who not only has a passion for helping entrepreneurs in the developing world, but who is also an entrepreneur herself.To raise money for Kiva loans, Emma has started her own (... Continue Reading >>

Aug 14, 2008

I wanted to provide a sizzling hot preview of a feature coming soon to the Kiva website! This fall, Kiva will be launching a new feature that allows Kiva users to create or join lending teams. Each lending team - company, school, religious organization, family, etc - will have a page on the Kiva website that will track and summarize the lending activity of all individual lenders associated with that team. The way Kiva works is not changing. You will still make loans as an individual. Now you will have the added option of teaming up with likeminded lenders, inviting friends to join your team... Continue Reading >>

Aug 5, 2008

There are so many cool things to be done with the Kiva website. When we get around to doing them, with all the backend/site-maintenance/money-transferring tasks that typically take higher precedence, it's an extremely gratifying experience. A few weeks ago, Jeremy expressed this when he posted about the maps feature he built in his spare time.Now Noah, Kiva's newest engineering hire, has gone in and extended the maps functionality to work on lender pages. This has been one of our most commonly requested features, so to see this come to life is definitely exciting.To top that all off, we're... Continue Reading >>

Aug 4, 2008

We just learned that you may all sign up as a “guest member” to vote for Kiva. You DO NOT need to be a cardholder. Here’s what you do:

  • Please visit: http://www....
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Aug 4, 2008

Our project "Loans That Change Lives", is currently a contestant for the Members Project Award! Please support us and help our organization win $1.5M through popular vote. Here's what you can do to help Kiva win:

1) Visit the following site:

2) Login...

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Jul 23, 2008

Being an engineer is a strange job. We spend most of our time working on things that we can't even begin to explain to 99% of the people we meet. I'm convinced that for the first six years of my career my Mom thought I was a typist.Since I've been at Kiva, all that has changed. Now when people ask me what I do I tell them I build Kiva, and thanks to our one-woman wrecking crew of a PR Department that's usually enough. As an engineer, to think that every day over 16,000 people all over the world are seeing my work is incredibly gratifying. As a normal human being (distinct from engineer... Continue Reading >>

Jul 17, 2008

On July 14-15th, the Financial Research Associates in association with The Silicon Valley Microfinance Network (SVMN) proudly hosted the Microfinance West: The Investment Opportunity conference at the Hilton in Fishmerman's Wharf here in San Francisco. The purpose of the conference was to focus on investment opportunities in the microfinance world, as microfinance has quickly expanded beyond the realm of philanthropy to also include an amalgamation of technological innovation and big retail investments. Premal Shah, Kiva's president, attended the conference on behalf of Kiva along with about... Continue Reading >>

Jul 8, 2008

I want to use this blog post to give Kiva lenders an update on a recent visit I made to Bluefields, Nicaragua with the purpose of getting to know the staff, borrowers, and operations of the Asociación de Desarrollo y Promoción Humana de la Costa Atlántica (or ADEPHCA for short).ADEPHCA has been working with Kiva since October 2007. At that time, the plan was that ADEPHCA would work with a local Nicaraguan NGO called Blue Energy to help promote loans that allowed people outside of the formal electric grid to purchase a sustainable hybrid wind/solar energy system. Although the original idea... Continue Reading >>

Jul 7, 2008

Kiva has partnered with and to create a video campaign to help Kiva fans get the word out. Involver’s technology allows you to easily share this short introductory clip of Kiva to your friends on social networking sites like Facebook. Video Jug provided in-kind assistance in producing this video.Click on the link below to view the video, add the application, and share it with friends! if you do not have a Facebook account, click on the link to view it and feel free to forward the link onto friends. Continue Reading >>

Jul 7, 2008

I was inspired by an email from one of our most involved Kivans to explain why Kiva has been ramping up the number of entrepreneurs ready to fund on our site. At the time of this writing, there are 573 fundraising loans on our site. This is a significant increase from early January, when we were completely out of loans to fund!So, I thought I’d give you a little background explaining this decision. You're probably aware that there are many technicalities that go on behind-the-scenes at Kiva to ensure that a loan is ready to fundraise on our site, such as translating and validating the... Continue Reading >>