Jan 29, 2009

Way back in the summer when we launched Kiva Lending Teams, we had no idea how active some of our lending teams could become and how popular team message boards would be. Some of the most interesting content on our website is generated by team members posting to team message boards. 
If you're a member of a lending team, whenever someone posts to the team message board you'll get an email. As some lending team members will tell you (I'm talking to you, Team Obama), getting lots and lots of these emails can get a little difficult to manage. 
So we added a...
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Nov 17, 2008

Many people have been asking me what the impact of the global financial crisis is, or will be, on microfinance. So, when two papers passed my desk this morning, I thought Kiva lenders might be interested in reading them too:Click here to download the Foundation for Development Cooperation's briefing note titled "Impact of the Global Finanical Crisis on Microfinance".Click here to download "Micro's Moment", an article by Sam Mendelson ( smmendelson A.T. googlemail.com ), published in Financial World magazine ( www.financialworld.co.uk ). Continue Reading >>

Nov 17, 2008

Some of you may know that Kiva maintains a two-week release cycle, so that every two weeks we release changes to the website. Sometimes these changes are more noticeable than others. In the last couple weeks, the vast majority of what we’ve been working on has been fixes for issues introduced when we changed our repayment accounting system (and we continue to work on these as highest priority in order to iron them out as quickly as possible).One slight improvement we are releasing this week is based on the issue we received the most customer feedback about over the past two months: people... Continue Reading >>

Nov 13, 2008

As both Fiona and Roma have previously mentioned, we recently made the transition to a new partner administration system. The new system allows our partners greater flexibility in reporting and is aimed at increasing transparency, giving more accurate data, revising our billing process to better reflect realities on the ground, and adding some financial protection to Kiva by only giving our lenders repayments that Kiva has actually received.What does this mean for your Kiva account?Since we closed out one billing system and are opening up another, you... Continue Reading >>

Nov 12, 2008

It has been a over a week since the results of the US presidential election. In the spirit of Kiva connecting people across the world I put together a video with the thoughts of Kiva borrowers in Kenya on Barack Obama. Check out the video: Continue Reading >>

Nov 12, 2008

Some of the Kiva Lending Teams are really amazing in the community spirit they create, and the way that they incorporate helping entrepreneurs through Kiva into an existing group - whether online or offline.Congratulations to Team Obama for hitting $100k on 11/4. You've really shown that rallying a community around a goal - passing $100k on Election Day - can be unbelievably effective.And congratulations to Team Virginia, who have even created a website for their team and are are selling their own team merchandise on Cafe Press!I've certainly found myself "stumbling" my day away on the Kiva... Continue Reading >>

Nov 6, 2008

Kiva in Cambodia: The Comic Book. Continue Reading >>

Nov 6, 2008

Make sure your check your inbox - and your spam folder! - tomorrow, the Kiva Newsletter for November will be coming your way.If you'd like to receive the newsletter but haven't checked "Send me news from Kiva" in your Kiva Account settings, log in now and check the box to be sure you'll get the newsletter tomorrow. Continue Reading >>

Oct 31, 2008

Zack is a Kiva Staffer and Alum of the Kiva Fellows Program
Ever had the urge to see what you would look like with the facial hair of Abe Lincoln or maybe Santa Claus? Well, now you can... And at the same time you will be helping fund loans for Kiva.Add a cartoon beard to a picture of yourself and atto, a little multi-disciplinary design studio full of happy creative people, will give $1 to Kiva. Check it out: http://buildabeard.helloatto.com/ Continue Reading >>