Aug 5, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

A few months ago, we decided to get a Twitter account started (follow us @kiva) to add one more way to reach out to the Kiva community. In a short time, we've eclipsed the 10,000 follower mark! Every day there are a ton of tweets about what Kiva's up to. We decided to pull out a few of our favorites to share with you:@hubbayarea: @Kiva responds to questions about its U.S. pilot - 'We believe poverty is relative' for once I wish I lived in UK, just so I could go to this @kiva event Ive started putting $25 a month into @kiva "... Continue Reading >>

Aug 5, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

Most of this post is borrowed from the blog of our awesome social media volunteer, Evan Bartlett (Thanks, Evan!)Facebook now allows you to import your Kiva loans into your Facebook newsfeed as you lend. This is a cool way to let your Facebook friends know about the loans you're making on Kiva and encourage them to get involved.To enable the setting, go to your profile and click the "Settings" button on your wall:Select "Kiva" from the list. If you don't know your Kiva username (Lender ID) you can look it up here... Continue Reading >>

Aug 5, 2009

Hi everyone,Jonny Price here - first time, extremely nervous, blogger, and temporary Kiva volunteer.Below is a link to a presentation including maps breaking down Kiva loans by country, and user penetration by country and US state. Amongst other things, it shows which countries have received the most loans since Kiva began, and which countries have the most Kiva users.
Kiva Users And Loans By Country And State...
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Aug 3, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

Dear Kiva Lenders:On July 24th, we posted a brief announcement to the Kiva blog updating the community on our next steps with regard to the U.S. pilot. We thought it was important to update the Kiva community on the status of the U.S. pilot as soon as we could. However, we also believe it’s important to let you know some of the thinking behind our decisions, which is what we hope to accomplish in this post.Through this open letter, we hope to do the following:
  • Summarize the events since the U.S. pilot launch,
  • Respond to some of the questions that have been raised by the Kiva...
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Aug 3, 2009

You might have been following Kiva's incredible 5 month stretch of record lending, each month breaking the previous record:February $3,828,825.00March $4,282,625.00April $4,487,875.00May $4,643,100.00June $4,909,050.00What an incredible five months! While we were hoping this might continue Titanic-style (we think big at Kiva), July didn't beat June's incredible record of over $4.9 million loaned. However, July did beat our previous record, from May,... Continue Reading >>

Jul 30, 2009

Calling all Kivans in the UK!

The Go Game Event in SF was such a success that we’ve decided to host a similar event in a secret location near Leicester Square in...

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Jul 28, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

We were excited to see a new app roll out this week-- created by developer Amol Mittal from San Francisco.  When Amol noticed that the current Kiva badges were geared towards specific publishing platforms (namely wordpress and facebook), he decided to create something that could work for multiple platforms.



Humsara makes it easy to embed your personal loan portfolio in a slide-show format directly into your website.  Let's learn more about the developer behind...

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Jul 24, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

Hi Everyone –
We wanted to provide an update to our previous post about our pilot program in the U.S. Kiva’s Board of Directors met last night and had a chance to review the pilot program. Specifically, we reviewed the following material:
Kiva U.S. Loans Impact Analysis...
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Jul 23, 2009

On July 15, 2009 avid Kiva supporters from challenged each other to break a new record. They wanted to have as many people as possible associated with “” show up under their lender avatar (profile picture) on a single loan. They chose to loan to the Esperanza 2006 group from El Alto / La Paz, Bolivia working with Pro Mujer. They were hugely successful with 85 Kiva Friends lending to the group before it was fully funded. Their previous record involved 65 participants, so this was a vast improvement!

This is yet one...

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Jul 21, 2009

In Q2, Intel's Small Things Challenge registered over 135,000 clicks! Intel is going to round up these clicks, and will be providing $37,500 to be split equally between Kiva and Save the Children.If you haven't clicked on the Small Things Challenge - do it now! It's the easiest way to donate money to Kiva - all you have to do is click your mouse!The $18,750 donation to Kiva for Q2 will be divided between funding loans and donation to Kiva. Check out the Small Things Challenge Lending Team here.Check out the Small Things Challenge Lender Page here.(Why are you still reading this? Get... Continue Reading >>