Nov 7, 2014 KV Kiva HQ

The following is an excerpt from a Kiva Zip guest post written by Oakland's Mayor-elect Libby Schaaf. You can read the full text of her post here. According to an Institute for Local Self-Reliance study released earlier this year, “42 percent of local businesses that needed a loan in the previous two years had been unable to obtain one"....This is where I believe Kiva Zip can play a valuable role. By empowering individual citizens to make loans as small as $5 to local small business owners, where banks are saying no to small business loan applications, we, the people... Continue Reading >>

Nov 6, 2014 GH Ghana, KE Kenya, US United States

Mary Jo Halder, KF25 in Washington D.C.
Like many other people, coffee makes me smile.
I’m lucky enough to be in DC, which has an awesome local coffee scene focused on providing great coffee that’s expertly crafted. Carina at Café Diem is doing just that. Café Diem is currently a pop-up in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood, but Carina is picking up the coffee truck that the Kiva Zip loan helped purchase this Friday. Soon, she’ll be spreading coffee goodness and smiles across the city—perfect as the weather begins changing and people...
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Oct 31, 2014 ID Indonesia, JO Jordan, NI Nicaragua, US United States

It’s hard to believe our 25th class of fellows (KF25) has been in the field for nearly 6 weeks now. They’ve already accomplished so much outstanding work with our field partners and trustees and have reported some great stories with fantastic pictures. 
Here are some highlights we couldn’t resist sharing with you:
Ignacio in Nicaragua stops by for lunch at Kiva borrower Blanca’s food stand.
Caroline captures an amazing sunset in Bali.
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Oct 31, 2014 KV Kiva HQ

Presh (center) with 2014 World Food Prize Laureate Dr. Rajaram (right)
Presh rushes into the classroom a few minutes after the lunch bell rings, with an ice pack in one hand and a textbook in the other.  She apologizes for... Continue Reading >>

Oct 30, 2014 KV Kiva HQ

Kiva is thrilled to announce the addition of John Muller, PayPal's Vice President of Global Payments Policy, to our Board of Directors.


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Oct 29, 2014 AZ Azerbaijan, GH Ghana, IN India, MZ Mozambique, TL Timor-Leste

Niaz Patwary, KF25 in India
I take great joy in introducing these hardworking movers and shakers from the fields of Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India:
(Clearly, each name needed a separate line and a punctuation mark to hold the positive energy they radiate!) All of these ladies are multitasking maestros - keeping the home-front well-ordered, running the goat farms even smoother.
These self-starters are...
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Oct 29, 2014 KV Kiva HQ

At Kiva HQ we love travel and we love dogs. We also make silly mistakes from time to time, so we pulled together some real-life travel blunders made by our staff and volunteers (who shall remain nameless), and threw in some cute, judgmental dogs to say what we were all thinking…check it out on our Medium page.... Continue Reading >>

Oct 24, 2014 KV Kiva HQ

Pancake apes? This dad teaches his kids about primates in a creative (and mesmerizing) manner.
New in tech:
Hoverboards are real. Real. Sign us up.
Amazing feats:
Would you plant a forest to save your home? This man in India is doing just that.
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Oct 23, 2014 GH Ghana, IN India, KE Kenya, US United States

Trista Li, KF25 in Chicago
"Every time we sell out!" - Nate
"My happiest moment is when I realize, I am here. Because every now and then I can get caught into the day to day stuff. But it is truly precious to be able to do what you...
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Oct 22, 2014 KV Kiva HQ

By Jacob Saur and Nick Anderson We are two Kiva employees based in the Bay Area -- Jacob is a software engineer and Nick is a product manager. We wanted to share a little about the recent trip we took to Medellin to visit a Kiva partner and several Kiva borrowers. ... Continue Reading >>