Jun 3, 2009

Our next Kiva Community Conference Call is scheduled for Wednesday, June 17th at 2 pm PDT.This is an opportunity for Kiva lenders to call in and ask us anything! The call in info is:

Dial in US: 866-740-1260Dial in (Outside US): +1 303-248-0285Access Code: 6415483

We hope to hear you on the line!

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Jun 2, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

In the month of May, you voted for your favorite Kiva Apps.  Over 400 people voted, and the results are in!

#1 KIVA ALERTS: A suite of tools for facebook, mobile, and the web that tell alert you when loans of your interest appear on Kiva.

#2 KIVA WORLD: A live map of global Kiva loans in all stages: fundraising, funded, in repayment, and paid. Click on the markers to read more about the entrepreneur in the area.

#3 KIVA HEADS: Lets you browse loans on Facebook, and show off your loans in your Facebook page.

The winners...

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Jun 1, 2009

Every month, Kiva holds a Community Conference call to discuss what's happening on Kiva as well as what's on our lenders' minds. Below is a recording of the call that we conducted on May 14, 2009. Community Conference Call
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Jun 1, 2009

For those who live in the Bay Area, mark your calendars!  Global Agents for Change is riding to break the cycle again and you're invited to help us celebrate on Thursday, June 25th at Taverna Aventine. 
Join 20 young cyclists as they reach San Francisco in their 2000 mile journey from Vancouver to the Tijuana border.  We're inviting Kiva's Community in SF to join the riders as they celebrate this third annual tour in support of microcredit initiatives globally and the ongoing work of Kiva to connect lenders with deserving entrepreneurs. 
See here for more...
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May 28, 2009

The next class of Kiva Fellows has finished training at Kiva headquarters and will soon be heading into the field. Congratulations to the 27 trainees that officially became Kiva Fellows last week. They enthusiastically handled five full days of powerpoint presentations, demos, and discussions. Some highlights from training included the Kiva Social, a cable car ride through San Francisco, the Go-Game fundraiser, and watching funny welcome videos from two KF7's.The KF8 fellows will be placed in 19 countries throughout the world. This class will be strengthening the relationship between their... Continue Reading >>

May 27, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

The past several weeks we have been busy adding a lot of new features to the Kiva API. Let's take a look at what's new... Lending Teams - This has probably been the most requested new feature, and of course by those with their own lending team sites. You can now fetch detailed information about a team (or a set of teams), and fetch all lenders or loans associated with a team. Baskets on Kiva.org - We see this as perhaps the most powerful new feature available to API-based applications –the ability to pre-compose baskets and send the user directly to...

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May 26, 2009

In the website release that will go out shortly, there are a few changes worth calling out:
  • We were able to track down and fix the issue some people were having with their transaction history. What's more, we were able to make it much snappier
  • The entrepreneur profile page has changed. You will notice:
    • A country section on the right side of the page, showing where the loan is going as well as some basic information about the country that the entrepreneur or group lives in
    • We've been able to make the "Advanced View" of the repayment schedule even more transparent...
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    May 26, 2009

    When we made the change to our new Partner Administration system in November, we also created a longer billing cycle of 45 days. After working with this system for a few months we realized the longer billing cycle was overly complicated for Kiva’s Field Partners, leading to a lot of confusion, missed payments, etc. So we’re shortening the billing cycle to 30 days, which means that partners will now make payments to Kiva on the last day of the month, rather than the 15th of the following month. Shortening the billing cycle helps our Field Partners because making payments for the previous month... Continue Reading >>

    May 26, 2009 KV Kiva HQ

    If you were going to rate Kiva loans by their potential social impact, what data would you look at? The team behind Kivuntu, came up with an interesting formula combining Kiva data (loan amount, number of borrowers, and duration) with country data (GDP per capita). Through this formula, their website produces a daily ranking of what they consider the 2o highest-impact loans.  This is based on the assumption that the larger the loan with respect to GDP, the greater the business opportunity and cash flow of the business.  They also assume that shorter loans...

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    May 26, 2009

    Matt Flannery will join Mads Kjaer, Co-Founder and CEO of MYC4, at Silicon Valley Microfinance Network's Speaker Event this evening in San Francisco. Matt and Mads will discuss the hurdles their online peer-to-peer lending platforms have faced as the two young companies have developed over the last few years. The trail-blazing organizations have forced regulators, investors, philanthropists, borrowers, and others to ask new questions as we all form and find the answers together. Come hear from Matt Flannery and Mads Kjaer, ask them questions, and meet others interested in microfinance... Continue Reading >>