Oct 23, 2008

CGAP yesterday announced that Kiva, among 32 other microfinance investors, have signed on to the Client Protection Principles:"CGAP is announcing that 33 of the world’s largest microfinance investors have signed on to the Client Protection Principles, a microfinance industry-wide initiative that encourages providers to ensure that low-income clients are treated fairly and protected from potentially harmful financial products. The Principles are distilled from the path-breaking work of microfinance institutions, international networks and national microfinance associations to develop pro-... Continue Reading >>

Oct 21, 2008

We're doing some maintenance tonight, so Kiva will be unavaiable between 6 pm and 7 pm Pacifc Time. Thanks for your patience while we make our improvements!  Continue Reading >>

Oct 20, 2008

Kiva Lender Andres Varela let us know that he recently heard Guy Kawasaki make the above observation at Barcamp Africa in Mountain View, CA. Guy Kawaski is a long-time Kiva supporter. Continue Reading >>

Sep 16, 2008

Congratulations to all Kiva Fellows Trainees who have made it through the second long day of training for the KF6 Class.For those who don't know, Kiva Fellows are volunteers who work with Kiva Field Partners for a minimum of 10 weeks (some as long as 1 year!) to contribute towards the partnership in a myriad of ways. Kiva runs training programs for Kiva Fellows four times a year, and we currently have 30 trainees for Class KF6 (obviously KF1 is the first group of Fellows we had) at Kiva HQ in San Francisco.Guaranteed it will be a long week as there's a lot to learn, but also guaranteed is... Continue Reading >>

Sep 9, 2008

Team number 301 -- Don and Jims Family and Friends -- is a cool lending team I think. This team was established so that supportive friends and family of Don and Jim could celebrate Don and Jims 25th year together, and now legal union, by making Kiva loans and attributing them to the lending team.Don and Jim, retired and living in Mexico, are devout Kiva lenders. They lend because they have found the people in Mexico to be lovely, honest, and hard-working, and they want to support... Continue Reading >>

Sep 6, 2008

This past week, I had the good fortune to meet with BAIK - a microfinance institution located in Bogor, Indonesia that is looking to partner with Kiva (Bogor is located about an hour South of Jakarta by train). BAIK is part of PERAMU, an umbrella organization that founded a microfinance institution (BAIK), a cooperative... Continue Reading >>

Sep 2, 2008

Thank you to all of our lenders out there who have created or joined a Lending Team over the past week and who are now enjoying the new feature! With over 400 teams having been created so far, we could not be more excited about our lender community and the diversity of our lenders interests. There are teams for universities, businesses, religious affiliations, political affiliations, KivaFriends, and for cities and countries; there are even teams for Animal Lovers and Quilters!To give you ideas about the types of teams you can join or create, we thought we would call attention to a few...

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Aug 28, 2008

If you’re a follower of Matt’s blog at all, what we’re doing today is old news to you:http://www.socialedge.org/blogs/kiva-chronicles/archive/2008/08/26/liquidity-and-communityHe’s explained what we’re doing far better than I ever could. To summarize what’s going on over the next couple days, we’re rolling out two new features which we think are good news for the Kiva website and for lenders:1) Partial repaymentsUntil now, lenders had to wait until their loan completed its entire term before receiving one repayment that represented all of the money they had lent. From this point forward, we’... Continue Reading >>

Aug 27, 2008

Kiva’s project "Loans That Change Lives", is currently a contestant for the Members Project Award! Please support us and help our organization win $1.5M through popular vote. Here's what you can do to help Kiva win:

1) Visit the following site:http://www.membersproject.com/project/view/P6KQEI2) Click on “Nominate this Project”3) Choose the final option (“Sign in as guest”) and continue through the short process4) If your nomination does not go through,...

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Aug 20, 2008

It was shaping up to be a normal Thursday afternoon at the Kiva offices in San Francisco. Most of the staff were wrapping up meetings, on the phones, or hanging out with their laptops on couches and at desks. Then the front door buzzer rang and all that changed.Last Thursday afternoon the Kiva offices were treated to a surprise visit by a very special Kiva lender and her family. This special lender is Emma, a 7th grader who not only has a passion for helping entrepreneurs in the developing world, but who is also an entrepreneur herself.To raise money for Kiva loans, Emma has started her own (... Continue Reading >>