Oct 13, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

Last week, Kiva celebrated local businesses in the city of Oakland with its first-ever Made in Oakland event. Located in the beautiful outdoor space in front of City Hall, 45 local entrepreneurs showed off their unique businesses, selling everything from vegan cupcakes to repurposed footwear and filling... Continue Reading >>

Oct 10, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

Kiva and The MasterCard Foundation are kicking off a 5-year, $7.9 million partnership to test, develop and scale high-impact loans serving the unique needs of smallholder farmers and rural populations in sub-Saharan Africa. ... Continue Reading >>

Sep 19, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

This is a guest blog from Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer at HP, our Matter to a Million partner. Sabita never had the opportunity to go to school, but she wants her children to have a different future. Sabita is part of a group of female entrepreneurs in Balangir, India, who use Kiva loans to create successful businesses to fund their children’s education and improve their family’s livelihoods. With her loan, Sabita established a store to sell cosmetics and hair and beauty products, earning enough money to pay her children’s school fees...
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Sep 7, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

The Kiva community is happy to welcome some amazing new partners this month who all share a common mission with Kiva: to empower people with opportunities to create better lives for themselves. Whether it’s giving farmers in Peru access to resources and markets, training farmers in Mozambique to increase productivity, or connecting entrepreneurs with the tools they need to tackle some of the world’s... Continue Reading >>

Sep 7, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

Once again, we’ve welcomed our new fellow trainees to our headquarters in San Francisco to train them up on all things Kiva before their 6 month fellowships with our field partners. This fellows class is 18 strong and will be working with 36 field partners across 20 countries. The week was filled with early morning training sessions (fueled by coffee), afternoon lunches catered by local Kiva US borrowers and plenty of mock-borrower verifications to get a feel for the challenges they’ll undoubtedly face in the field.
Some of our favorite snapshots from...
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Aug 31, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

At just 23 years old, Chloe is the founder and CEO of BlackFem, non-profit venture capital firm that teaches financial literacy to women and girls of color in under-served communities. Her philosophy regarding wealth in America might surprise you,... Continue Reading >>

Aug 24, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

All over the world, Review and Translation Program (RTP) volunteers dedicate their time and skills to ensure that the thousands of loans that come in from Kiva’s partners are edited and translated from our five key languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian. In the past three months alone, RTP volunteers have reviewed 47,529 loans, averaging over 15,000 loans per month. They enjoy being involved in the process from reviewing the original loans to seeing them fundraise on Kiva!
This month we celebrate three of our incredible volunteers...
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Aug 17, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

This is part of our series celebrating the unifying spirit of the Summer Games. Cambodia is one of 28 Kiva countries that have never won a medal, so we’re rallying to show our support ...

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Aug 11, 2016 SV El Salvador

This is part of our series celebrating the unifying spirit of the summer games. El Salvador is one of 28 Kiva countries that have never won a medal, so we’re rallying to show our support through loans this month! Team Kiva for the win!
Nestled in the mountains of Central America is the smallest but most densely populated country in the region, El Salvador. Home to more than 6 million people, El Salvador has yet to win a medal in the Olympic games. But medals certainly aren’t the only currency for success, and El Salvador can boast it’s home...
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Aug 8, 2016 KV Kiva HQ

Our partners are located all over the world, working to create change in the communities where they’re based. Whether it’s helping social businesses get a leg up to solve social and environmental problems, providing solar power to small rural communities in Nepal, or bringing vision to those in need wherever they may be, the work done by our partners is having a positive and unique... Continue Reading >>