Oct 26, 2012 KV Kiva HQ
By Kate Talbot
Week in Review: Celebrating Kiva's birthday worldwide!
We want to say a big THANKS to the Kiva community for helping us celebrate our 7th birthday this week! We were blown away by the amount of money lent in our first ever Loan-a-thon -- and it's still going until 11:59 p.m. PST tonight!

To show our gratitude, we recorded this special message for our lenders during our birthday party at Kiva headquarters last night:

From the positive messages we received to the pictures from all the parties around the world -- we want to share all the great Kiva Love with you!

Party goers in Paris.

We received this incredible note from Kanteco, a Team Canada lender:

I went to bed last night thinking about this week of Kiva's 7th birthday, and of everything Kiva has grown to mean for so many people, not just the borrowers, but the lenders too. Speaking for myself, in the almost 2 years that I have been a member, Kiva has given me the opportunity to live by my values in a way that I have not found elsewhere. I have learned so many things about our world, and I have 'met' and been inspired by so many people, again, lenders and borrowers alike.

We love it! Just like this other message from Nicola in Australia:

Great to see so many fellow Kivans at Melbourne's celebration of Kiva's 7th year! We exceeded out loan-a-thon total and can't wait to see team Australia do the same!

Proud of 7 Years in Melbourne, Australia

New York City has Kiva Pride too!

From Mark in Portland:

We had a very nice 7th birthday event with four of us here in Portland. Have a great birthday week and big thumbs up and support from your Portland, Oregon crew.

And from the Twitterverse...

 Thanks to everyone for making a global difference -- one loan at a time!

Have questions? Comments? Want to wish us happy birthday? Email us at blog@kiva.org.

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