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Jul 7, 2013 US United States
Leeretta Payne was speaking to a group of potential Kiva Zip borrowers at the Pittsburgh Public Market last week when she paused and gave a fundamental piece of advice: don't borrow more than you need and know exactly, down to the penny, for what you are going to use the loan. The source of that advice is trustworthy. Payne is the owner and operator of The Legacy Café and a Kiva Zip borrower herself. As she nears the grand opening of her storefront (to be located in August Wilson's childhood home at 1727 Bedford Avenue in Pittsburgh's Hill District), she is ahead of her... Continue Reading >>
Jul 7, 2013 UA Ukraine
A cool two-hour drive downriver from the still-entombed (yet unstable) Chernobyl nuclear disaster site stands Ukraine's capital city Kyiv (Kiev). As with most cities at this latitude, it's sweltering during the summer and many residents don't have air conditioning. Those who live outside the city, however, are able to endure the heat more easily. 

For the last two months I've been living at a dacha, or cottage, where my parents-in-law live.

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Jul 7, 2013 US United States
View from my balcony

I set foot in Richmond for the first time, ever, about 5 weeks ago and it has certainly been a journey, and a great one to say the least. I was like a sea turtle that just came out of its shell and didn’t know which way the ocean was. I know that’s quite the cheesy analogy, but it just popped into my head and I’m sticking with it! Think of the ocean as the economic development landscape in... Continue Reading >>
Jul 7, 2013 KE Kenya
You knew about the lending bit, but did you know you are also instrumental in creating challenging jobs for talented people all over the globe? You bet! Most of our partners employ a Kiva Coordinator (KC in our jargon) and sometimes two. This means over 200 opportunities for a great career, worldwide.
Kiva Coordinators are my kind of hero; it looks like a data entry job, however it’s the perfect training for juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. They make sure that boring loan and interview forms and loose photos are translated into the real life stories we see on the Kiva... Continue Reading >>
Jul 7, 2013 US United States
Kiva Zip held an information session for trustees and borrows at Pittsburgh's Rivers Club on Monday evening. After a surprise speech from Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, more than 25 people settled in to learn about the nuts and bolts of what Kiva Zip is and the do's and do not's of the Kiva Zip loan application. What was no surprise was that nearly every attendee came away both interested in becoming a trustee or a borrower and enthusiastic about the possibilities Kiva Zip brings to the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area. 

Check out my...
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Jul 7, 2013 PS Palestinian Territory
I have never met a people more attached to their land than the Palestinians. In my every day interactions with locals, I have come to sense a deep cultural and spiritual connection between them and the earth, with roots that run as deep as those of the ancient olive trees for which they are most known.
This attachment manifests itself tremendously in the quality of the food. I’ve been in Palestine for over a month now, and my diet has almost entirely consisted of food that is organic, fresh, and grown locally; suffice it to say that there will...
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Jul 7, 2013 PH Philippines

Getting properly acquainted with a new culture inevitably involves exploring the local cuisine. Easier said than done in some places….it’s rather simple to say to yourself, ‘sure, I’d eat that’, but would you? Well I’ve got some good news – in preparation for your future trip (that you may or may not be making) to the Philippines, I have done the dirty work for you. And I am happy to report that every single one of the dishes listed below will leave you hungry for more. Just…maybe don’t look... Continue Reading >>
Jul 7, 2013 US United States
I am the first zip fellow to be placed in my hometown Akron, Ohio and here is a look at day in my life early in my fellowship.

I get up at 7:00 and go for a jog on a trail by my house that goes by a lovely creek. After a shower and breakfast I get started on my day. It starts with a meeting with Tabitha, the marketing coordinator for a local business trustee, to go over the trustee profile. After coffee with Tabitha I drive over to the International Institute of Akron which supports refugees as they integrate into the Akron community. I speak to the director and her... Continue Reading >>
Jul 7, 2013 KH Cambodia
A vibrant rice paddy during the start of the rainy season.

In a country with approximately 20% of the population living on less than 1 dollar per day, and over 80% rural, how do you define and target the more “vulnerable” groups?  This is the challenge faced by the Vulnerable Services Unit at KREDIT Microfinance Institute, Kiva’s oldest field partner in Cambodia.
One way to create the parameters of this definition is to focus on borrowers and... Continue Reading >>
Jul 7, 2013 KE Kenya

I arrived to a tiny, dusty roadside stand with three wooden stalls and a few locals hanging around.  This was Matutu, a small village in Western Kenya.  I hoped this Matutu anyway.  There were no signs, and it isn’t on Google maps.  A boda boda driver took me to my meeting point.  A school somewhere nearby.
As we drove down the dusty, dirt roads, I was mesmerized by the scenery of lush, green, rolling hills.  And the locals were equally enamored with me.  Group after group of children running behind... Continue Reading >>