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Oct 10, 2009 MN Mongolia

by Jane Lim, KF9, Mongolia

here’s where i’m at:

i wanted to write a before and after just so you can hear my drawn breath of anticipation / trepidation in between…

before: 9:30am EST on Friday, Oct 9th
i realize no one knows a lot about Mongolia… therefore i can make up absolutely anything and people will believe me. haha

case in point. (some of the following are actually true)

  • there is a mongolian mythical creature called the Mongolian Death Worm which is purportedly found in the Gobi Desert,...
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    Jul 7, 2009 MN Mongolia

    Tamara Sanderson, KF8, Mongolia

    Once upon a time, two NGOs named “the Golden Fund for Development” and “Gobi Start” came together to form their own commercial bank with a social mission.  They decided to name themselves “the right bank,” with the hope that Mongolians could repay.  Although all odds were against this new bank, it prospered at a time of economic uncertainty in Mongolia after the collapse of the Socialist system and overarching bankruptcy in the financial sector.  Eight years later, this initiative has resulted in the largest microfinance bank in...

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    Jul 7, 2009 MN Mongolia

    By Tamara Sanderson, KF8, Mongolia

    You know you are a Super Lender if:

    A)     You mark the 15th on your calendar and know the order that repayments will be made based on MFI.  You also have difficulty sleeping on the 14th from the anticipation.

    B)      Your Facebook wall is filled with “[Insert Your Name]  supported [Insert Foreign Name] with”

    C)      It requires multiple scrolls and next page clicks to see all the loans on your Kiva Profile

    D) is your second favorite website after

    E)      Your friends...

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    Jul 7, 2009 MN Mongolia

    By Tamara Sanderson – KF8 Mongolia

    When I started telling my friends and family that I was headed to Mongolia for the summer, it quickly became apparent that few people know much about the country.  Comments ranged from: “So, where in Africa is Mongolia?” to “I remember that Genghis Kahn fellow from history class.”

    Every day, I am realizing the uniqueness of this beautiful country and would like to share a few fun facts with other Kivans.

    Large and Landlocked

    Mongolia, the second largest landlocked country in the world, is...

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    Jan 1, 2009 AZ Azerbaijan

    Why is it that when you’re just starting a job, you always introduce yourself to the CEO with spinach in your teeth, or rip your pants pocket, or spill toner on your shirt?

    My finest hour was when I was starting on the copy desk at a newspaper, trying to make a good impression as a head-down, able worker, and the copy chief gave me a big story. I had my take-out dinner on my desk. As I stared intently at the screen, trying to be the model of a journalist who’s so totally engrossed in the task at hand he can’t even be bothered to look at his food, I gave my Orangina...

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