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Jul 7, 2013 CR Costa Rica
I'm a vegetarian. However, there are occasionally times when I relent and consume meat, especially if it's offered and refusal means either going hungry or—worse—being rude. Even this reluctant acceptance of the occasional meaty meal has its limits, though.

I will not eat pork. It's not a religious thing for me, nor is it a question of taste; I think bacon tastes fantastic and is a wondrous smell in the morning, particularly maple-cured smoked bacon, eagerly sizzling in the pan as the coffee brews. This is the smell that mornings are made of, that makes... Continue Reading >>
Jun 6, 2013 CR Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a land of beautiful beaches and some of the world's most astounding natural wonders. But, more than anything, Costa Rica is a land of coffee. Coffee in the morning, coffee at noon, coffee after lunch and coffee with dinner. Coffee not only powers your average Costa Rican worker through the day, but is also one of the country's biggest economic drivers.

So, it is with alarm that I note that I've only been in Costa Rica for a couple of weeks, but almost every Kiva borrower that I... Continue Reading >>
Nov 11, 2011 CR Costa Rica

Oxen hauling coffee harvests in La Sierra, Platanares, Costa Rica.

 By Julie Kerr, KF16, Costa Rica  Part 2:  Microfinance Models in Costa Rica – Featuring FUDECOSUR   (See... Continue Reading >>
Oct 10, 2011 CR Costa Rica

One of FUDECOSUR’s 45 Village Banks - Pueblo Nuevo, Región Brunca, Costa Rica

By Julie Kerr, KF16, Costa Rica Part 1:  Microfinance Models in Costa Rica – Featuring FUDECOSUR   (Check out ... Continue Reading >>
Oct 10, 2010 CR Costa Rica

By Gabriel Francis, Kiva Fellow class 12 in Costa Rica

When asked what they think of Costa Rica most people usually refer to the poster in their local travel agency, white palm beaches, virgin cloud forests, and toucans. Yet, there is a side of Costa Rica that the tour packages pouring out of San Jose regrettably fail to recount. The truth is, while eco-tourism and liberal trade agreements have brought prosperity to some in Costa Rica, many Ticos still live below the poverty line.

Is ignorance bliss? We Kiva Lenders know better.

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Sep 9, 2010 CR Costa Rica

by Gabriel Francis, Kiva Fellow at FUDECOSUR Costa Rica

Today, coffee lovers across the United States celebrate National Coffee Day. While you enjoy your daily cup you can take joy in knowing that your Kiva loans help support the independent coffee farmers who made it possible.

A coffee farmer proudly shows of his crop funded by a Kiva Loan. 25% of Kiva loans to Costa Rica support independent coffee growers.


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Sep 9, 2010 CR Costa Rica

By Gabriel Francis, Kiva Fellow class 12, FUDECOSUR Costa Rica

With few exceptions, wherever you are in the world there is a McDonalds nearby. From Bucharest to Bangladesh every restaurant has some variation of the classic hamburger, the Big Mac.

So what does a hamburger have to do with Micro-Finance?

Big Mac Index, source: The Economist Magazine

More than you might think. Some clever economists at The Economist Group have found the price of the ...

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Apr 4, 2010 CR Costa Rica

By Meg Gray, KF10 Costa Rica

One of the benefits of being a Kiva Fellow for more than one placement is getting to see how different MFI’s (microfinance institutions) with very different models all fit under the microfinance umbrella. There is no one-size-fits-all methodology. I just finished up my second full placement as a Kiva Fellow and along the way I also visited a third MFI for a week. For those of you just getting started with microfinance or for those who are interested in seeing the diversity amongst Kiva’s partner’s, I thought a brief rundown of a few MFI models...

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Mar 3, 2010 CR Costa Rica

By Meg Gray, KF10 Costa Rica

Yorlene showing off her organic lettuce starts

Well obviously that’s not always true, but it feels like it sometimes. In this case, I have a particular day and a particular borrower- Yorlene Solano Rodríguez – in mind. At the end of a very long day last week, I met Yorlene at her house. It was getting dark and the FUDECOSUR loan officer I was with was anxious to get home. And of course, she had the most interesting story I had...

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Dec 12, 2009 CR Costa Rica

By Karl Baumgarten, KF9, Costa Rica

Time Flies. I feel like I’ve been in Costa Rica for two weeks however my no-nonsense calendar tells an altogether different story.  After nearly 12 weeks learning the ins and outs of FUDECOSUR, things are going smooth. With the Costa Rican summer in full swing, business casual has been replaced by the welcome alternative of jeans and polos. For the first time, I am experiencing the holiday season with 85-degree weather and sunshine. I have tried to start weaning myself off a healthy addiction of gallo pinto, the traditional Costa Rican...

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