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Feb 2, 2013 CO Colombia, HN Honduras, US United States

By Rose Larsen, KF19 Colombia, with excerpts provided by Wesley Schrock, KF19 Honduras, and Luan Nio, KF18 Nicaragua/KF19 United States

Loan officers are the hidden heroes behind the Kiva model.

Lenders, borrowers, Kiva staff and Kiva fellows all show their beautiful faces somewhere on, and while Kiva’s field partners have profiles of their own, there is little explanation or clarity behind who actually, physically, goes to the clients’ businesses, evaluates their requests, delivers loans and picks up repayments (hint: it’s loan officers!)....

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Oct 10, 2010 US United States

Growing up my family was big on ‘the road trip’. Every summer we would load up whatever large car we owned and we would set out on a good ol’fashioned American road trip. I’ve seen the world’s biggest prairie dog, stayed in a light house on Green bay, gotten stuck in a snow storm in New Mexico, and I can tell almost every state’s license plate from 20 feet way.

Family Roadtrip to El Dorado Lake, Kansas (1994)

Sadly it had been a while since I’ve been on a good road trip,...

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Oct 10, 2010 US United States

Last week Kiva launched with a new microfinance partner in the United States: ACCION Texas-Louisiana.

Kiva first introduced U.S. loans last summer through Opportunity Fund in California and ACCION USA in New York. While the launch overall was a success and drove scores of new lenders to the site, it was not without its hurdles. As I’ve learned during my fellowship in San Francisco, it can be difficult to explain U.S. microfinance to people who are accustomed to lending in developing countries, largely because of the disparity in loan size. The average loan size on Kiva...

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Jul 7, 2010

I’m not one for remembering dates; I’ll even admit that I confuse my mom and dad’s birthdays.  So when June 10th was approaching, there weren’t any plans going on to celebrate the one-year anniversary for ACCION USA’s partnership with

Without further adieu, a blog post to commemorate the partnership!

On June 10, 2009 the first U.S. loan appeared on the Kiva website, Elizabeth Polanco. I did my best to be the first person to lend to a U.S. entrepreneur; Maria Shriver beat me to it though!

The weeks that followed ensued passionate...

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Apr 4, 2010 US United States

From Elizabeth Bueno, Kiva Program Intern at ACCION USA, Kiva’s first Domestic Field Partner.

Although I grew up in Queens and currently live in Brooklyn, the Bronx can feel like a world away. I find this interesting, since when I was a child I would dream of going to India or another far off country to somehow help humanity. My family never understood why I would want to go to India when I come from Colombia, a country that also suffers from deep poverty and even an internal civil war. What I’ve learned, especially living in New York, is that you don...

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Sep 9, 2009

By Erica Dorn, KF7 and now Kiva Coordinator at ACCION USA

I spend a good chunk of my time at ACCION USA trying to explain to the entrepreneurs what Kiva is, and why they should be as excited as I am to get their profiles on the internet so regular people can lend to them. So, you can imagine my surprise when an ACCION USA borrower, Dan, told me he found out about ACCION USA through Kiva’s website, instead of the other way around!

Dan and his self-designed greeting cards

Dan is certainly no stranger...

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Sep 9, 2009


Luis was one of the first Kiva borrowers I interviewed as a fellow at ACCION USA.  His sincerity and open heart are noticeable from the very beginning.

When Kiva’s president Premal Shah came to NYC during the domestic launch he had a chance to meet Luis.  As Premal, Gina Harman (ACCION USA CEO), Paul Quintero (ACCION USA CFO), and I began to talk to Luis about his road to...

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Jul 7, 2009 US United States

I’ve seen the effects of poverty in many parts of the world. A year spent in Latin America couldn’t have prepared me for the crushing poverty that I saw in India. In Jaipur- the lonesome eight year old girl with a baby strapped to her back collecting garbage along the train tracks. In Mumbai- the endless lines of street dwellers sleeping alongside the highway and the horrified starved looks on their faces. The man that used one arm to pull the small remaining portion of his body across the harsh cobblestone paths of Varanasi- I could never erase that image from my memory.

Nor can I...

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Jun 6, 2009 GH Ghana

By Nancy Tuller, KF8, Ghana, Africa

I have a professor and mentor from my undergraduate days whose advice and thoughts I value and respect so much.  I still communicate with him regularly, and over the years, the topic of interest rates in microfinance has come up repeatedly in our conversations.  This is the man from whom I first learned about community currency, an alternative exchange system used alongside national currencies.  He is knowledgeable about micro and macroeconomics, as well as finance.  However, our conversations about interest rates for microloans always end the...

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Jun 6, 2009

At the fellows training some of my companeros seemed shocked that I’d want to do a fellowship in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I have to admit, I admire the cost of a Terere in Paraguay compared to price of latte in NYC. Regardless, it’s been an incredible experience to participate with Kiva on the US launch.

In many ways the fellowship, the entreprenuers, even New York City itself has at times seemed enormously comparable to a fellowship in a developing country (I mean have you used the subways here!!!???).  But about the cause…

Why US...

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