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Jan 1, 2010 VN Vietnam

By Alex Duong, KF9, Vietnam

A recent interview with John Hagel of my employer Deloitte sparked the idea for this blog entry (article here).  According to Hagel, the US market is maturing to the point where solely focusing on product and process innovation have decreasing marginal returns.  A good example is Microsoft Office or the iPod.  At first, new products came out every 4-5 years.  Now it seems the product line must be refreshed every 2-3 years.  So what could serving the poor have in common with profit oriented businesses?  It turns out there are plenty of parallels...

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Jan 1, 2010 GT Guatemala

By Jeremy Lapedis, KF9, Guatemala

A  violinist and pianist set the ambiance along with a slide show of pictures. Everyone attended FAPE’s 25th anniversary celebration: the board of directors, the general assembly, representatives from FAPE’s international partners (I was Kiva’s representative), and FAPE’s director, accountant, and lawyer.   Moriré con las botas puestas. That’s what FAPE’s vice president of the board of directors said while giving an award to the president of the board.

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Jan 1, 2010

By Adam Kemmis Betty, KF10 Bolivia

CGAP’s annual Microfinance Funder Survey shows us that Kiva’s impact in financial terms upon the microfinance industry is – to put it politely – tiny. In fact, the combined total of institutional and individual investors, including pension funds, commercial banks and online lending platforms such as Kiva, only amounted to 7% of total funding for the microfinance industry in 2008. The big players are still development banks (such as the World Bank) and development agencies (such as USAID). As a Kiva lender, I found this rather...

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Jan 1, 2010

By Julia Kastner, KF10 Mexico

I knew this placement was going to be different when I walked into CrediComún’s headquarters and saw a 4 foot by 4 foot poster depicting the company’s technology infrastructure.   It was as sophisticated if not more so as the infrastructure I’d seen at my last job in New York City.  As I was shown around the organization, I was introduced to many computer programmers and IT specialists, even at the highest level of the organization, and I realized CrediComún wasn’t going to need my help with Excel – I was probably the...

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Jan 1, 2010 KE Kenya

by Avani Parekh-Bhatt, Kiva Fellow at SMEP in Nairobi, Kenya.

The "dodo" bird from SMEP

Jambo! I’d like to introduce myself, My name is Avani Parekh-Bhatt, I’m a 9th class Kiva Fellow  and the last of my class to get to the field in Kenya. I hail from Durham, North Carolina. I believe in the power of human relationships, and grassroots led development, and I want to see the real nuts and bolts of...

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Jan 1, 2010

Gemma North, KF9, Cambodia

–“I used my loan to purchase a motorcycle to transport my baskets to the market.”

–“My loan helped to buy a motorcycle for my husband to help his moto-taxi business.”

–“We used the funds to purchase tools for our mechanic business so we can fix more motorcycles…”

After nearly a month and a half of helping to post updates on CREDIT MFI’s clients, I have grown used to, and almost expect these descriptions

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Jan 1, 2010

By Karl Baumgarten KF10, Lima, Peru

I arrived in Lima at 3am Sunday, pretending to be ready to start my second fellowship with EDAPROSPO in just 4 hours. After 2 hours spent regretting my poor planning in the customs line, I hailed a cab and whizzed through Lima’s empty streets to my hospedaje. A few hours of restless sleep and a cup of instant coffee later, I hailed another cab, although in an altogether different Lima. The quiet tranquil city I had seen just 4 hours earlier had transformed itself into a city bursting at the seams with taxis, combis, buses and people...

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Jan 1, 2010 SN Senegal

By Nicki Goh, KF9 Senegal

Now that I am well into my second month here in Senegal, I thought it was worth sharing a little background on the MFI where I am working.

Senegal Ecovillage Microfinance was set up in 2004 by an American volunteer, John Fay, who was carrying out an economic assessment of the village of Louly Ngogom in Senegal. Following interviews with the villagers, John decided to set up a small micro-loan pilot programme to meet the demand for financial services in otherwise un-served communities. In that first year of 2004, he lent...

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Jan 1, 2010

By Kelly McKinnon KF9, Leon Nicaragua

I ask my mom to edit most of my writing because she is super smart (and beautiful and kind and fun and patient) but also because she is a great audience has a general understanding of what I’m doing as a Kiva Fellow.

The exchange that follows is from my mom’s review of my latest blog “The View From Here” in which I talked about two borrower stories. My responses to her questions are far from academic explanations and my terse answers leave an enormous amount unsaid. But this post is less about explanations and more about...

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Jan 1, 2010 PE Peru

By Sheethal Shobowale, KF9, Peru

Doris, one of the loan officers at Asociación Arariwa, has been working with clients in Urubamba and Cusco for 17 years.

I sat in on one of the monthly loan payment meetings of one of her communal banks, Aguas Buenas.  All members paid their monthly payments on time, but two of the members asked permission beforehand not to attend.  Because of their absence, Doris commented on the importance of attending the monthly meetings, saying “No vamos a lograr nada” (We won’t achieve anything this way).  She...

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